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  1. Who's going out in the morning?? Suppose to be wind 7h
  2. Dan. NY Where about in Cayuga county? you going out this evening?
  3. Sat till 1130 no deer anywhere. Thought for sure they would get up and move when the sun came out
  4. 1st morning sit of the year in 8J. Raining on and off, light wind. Seen a few in the hay field on the drive in and spooked one by the apple tree pulling in. Nothing since sunrise, going to wait it out. Hopefully they will shake off and move in a bit. Always seem to have luck on the wet days. Time will tell.
  5. Same here elite! But you can't shoot em from the couch lol
  6. Na I tried uploading a pic and deleting my old post. Still new to this forum set up. You out?