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  1. I quarter the deer and bleed it out in a cooler with ice for a couple days, replacing the ice as needed. Then I process and freeze. Bleeding it removes the strong gamey taste out of the meat.
  2. Wow! I moved to Florida this past summer and am only up for a couple weeks. Haven't had a chance to make it over to that property yet.
  3. Speaking of Addison and bears, my buddy got this bear Saturday in Addison.
  4. If you are able to, video him honking the horn next time. Let him know you have him on video and hand him a print out of the hunter harassment law. If he does it again, turn the video into DEC and let them handle it.
  5. My daughter got her first deer today. She did a great job tracking it. The shot was a little back, but he (button buck) must have turned and it went right through the heart. It went about 60 yards and collapsed.
  6. That stinks. That was an awesome buck. I thought there was still a chance. Lots of other good ones up that way though.
  7. That's not the original drop-tine that we both had on camera, right? Do drop-tines switch sides from one season to another?
  8. Since I don't have my own place to hunt, the landowner usually gets a good portion of the first deer (up to half). In this case, he will get venison and I have been mowing a couple acres around his house since the spring.
  9. Neighbor gave me permission to hunt his property. I set a camera out for a couple days and so far it looks promising.
  10. WNY he is in that area, so he could show up on your cameras at some point. And the dates are correct. I've been so busy lately, that I haven't had a chance to check the camera for over 2 months. I have pics of him after that, but the brush is higher and he was not looking at the camera.
  11. Pulled my camera yesterday after a couple months and found several pictures of this guy. Hope he sticks around.
  12. Sorry for your loss. Aside from his age, it's hard to think of a better way of passing on; after a successful hunt, with his sons, on good terms. Prayers for you and your family.