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  1. A friend sent this to me. Please read and contact your state rep and tell them not vote for this. https://nyassembly.gov/leg/?default_fld=&bn=A00722&term=2019&Summary=Y&Actions=Y&Text=Y&Committee%2526nbspVotes=Y&Floor%2526nbspVotes=
  2. Thank you field ager. I have been watching from the phone and smart tv. No join button. Someone told me has to be done from a computer. I watch in bits and pieces too. He can get long especially when he gets into the claws. But I stay as close as I can. I really appreciate his realism. So much crap from msm is full of agendas. His message of importance of family and community is one we all need to hear.
  3. Yes. He has a live stream on YouTube. From saranac lake. Now lives in Washington State.
  4. I have have been watching Owen for a few weeks. I get it! Is anyone else a “BEAR”? I want to become a member but don’t know how? Please help!
  5. Rob, Did you say you hunt on that island in Jurassic Park. After seeing that I don’t think I would hunt there. Never mind losing deer. I would be concerned for myself.
  6. Not trying to start a fight here but, I looked on the DEC app and I don’t see anywhere that says you can hunt bow and gun at the same time. Bow only areas like Westchester, don’t close. But all the areas that have a regular season gun for big game show bow season closing during that time. I would interpret that as, you cannot Hunt with a bow during that time frame. Can someone point me to where it says that you can hunt with a bow during gun season. I even thought I remember being told that they close bow season for safety reasons. Bow hunters typically hunt in full camo and therefore would be very vulnerable to be shot by another hunter with a gun. Again, not saying everyone’s wrong just looking for clarification.
  7. pt0217

    Late Bow Season

    I went out yesterday afternoon. No activity. And not one picture on my camera since I hunted last Saturday.
  8. You know Al, that’s really where I wanted to start her. We shot a .22 together and she was very comfortable with it. My issue is that we live in Westchester and there are places to hunt small game but I am under the impression that we cannot shoot a rifle. That is why I was looking at shotguns. If I knew for certain that I could hunt with a .22 I would be all over it. Thanks!
  9. Thanks Big Val. Your post gave me a good chuckle this morning. I’m picturing my daughter after I made her fire a 12 gauge. I think our relationship would be affected.
  10. Thank you for your thoughts. We were going to start by hunting some squirrels. I have a junior breach break 20 that my older daughter used when she got her license. But my younger daughter had a tough time with the kick. I will look into changing the ammunition to get the recoil down and see if that works. I appreciate the advice.
  11. I’m looking for .410 for my daughter she is 12 years old and is just starting out. I am in Westchester County. Anywhere within an hour I would be interested. Thanks!
  12. With the tight places I hunt I have never had the opportunity to hunt a scrape until this year. I am in a new spot and it turned out to have a fresh scrape first time I hunted there. I put a camera on it and I got some great pictures of several bucks and even a couple good daylight pictures. Unfortunately, being the rut in 3s was so late I was upstate gun hunting while everything was happening down here. I am really looking forward to second rut action. Stay tuned!!
  13. pt0217

    Late Bow Season

    Thanks for the heads up.Town of Cortlandt. I think his deer are safe from me. I’m a few miles out of Yorktown.
  14. pt0217

    Late Bow Season

    I am setting up to hunt second rut in 3s. Looking for a good buck. I’m guessing 13th to the 26th from what I saw on my cameras in November.
  15. No hunting today. After an afternoon in a new spot yesterday I realized my stand is not in the best spot so today I moved it. Ready for tomorrow. Hopefully the wind is gone.
  16. You are so right I washed my hands three times yesterday and could still smell it.
  17. I used to use the original rage. I had a couple issues. One deer I hit bone from very close and no penetration. That happens. But last year I lunged a deer. I tracked that deer for a long ways and then lost blood and never found the deer. I switched to the hypodermics this year and so far I'm 1 for 1. They made a huge entrance hole. And cut through the whole way. Deer ran fifty yards. Now I know, the issues I've had have more to do with the shot and the hunter than the broad head, but I do believe the hypodermic's technology allows it to open faster and do more damage. IMO
  18. Yesterday afternoons hunt, I put some scent on my boots and gave a shake of the bottle out of my stand. Later a mature doe came in and winded me and pegged me from about 20 yards out. I feel I learned a valuable lesson. I washed all of my gear and am no longer going to use scent like that. I will still use it but I am going to be extra careful not to get it on me. A deer knows something's up when a doe in heat is 20 feet high in a tree.
  19. Buddy of mine has pictures of one in 3s. I wondered if they were legal to shoot.
  20. Perfect morning in 3s saw a young buck on his feet on the drive to my spot. Hope that's a good sign. Haven't seen any rut activity yet but am hopeful today is the day.
  21. I took my 12 year old daughter for her hunting safety course this past weekend at the Ten Mile River Preserve in Dover Plains. What a beautiful place. But, I wanted to make mention of the instructors Frank and Walter. They were fantastic. They brought so many wonderful skills. It's hard to believe these guys are volunteers. They were extremely knowledgeable, they showed great patients. They were serious about the topic but brought humor to the class. The class flew by. It was a very special day for my daughter and I. These guys made it even more memorable. Thanks to you guys as well as all of the hunting education instructors!!!
  22. Read this and go to info wars and watch Alex Jones. Good riddance Megan Kelly. I hope she leads the parade of fake news off the cliff.
  23. Nothing personal Belo, but this country would be better off if we could get rid of some of the regulators.
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