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  1. I sight my .270 at 225 yards with which my best shooting from a bipod on a table is 5 shots just under 2 inches. I have no doubt 1 inch could be done with custom loads. At 225 yards and the hand loads i use, i can hold right on the crosshairs and be +/- 3 inches out to 320 yards. With a bow, within a 3 inch circle is personally what i strive for and that maxes me at 40 yards for the time being.
  2. Just tell the ladies its for when you go spelunking
  3. Lowes has these on reduced price for $10 and change. Main light i believe is 215 lumens (adjustable beam) and the red is a low fixed power but plenty enough to see out in the dark. I'll try to post some pics tonight.
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  5. I did a quick search and didn't find anything on this forum... plus the google results didn't really provide the information I am looking for. Does anyone here bow hunt using a sight with a mag lens? Is it even legal in NY to do so? I ask because I have found that my 10-30 yard shots i can see just fine and can group well. 40 yards I can still see the target and the pins fine and can group well enough to feel comfortable taking a shot. at 50 yards everything falls apart for me. Part of this i know is the .19 pin is too big and I plan to remedy this next year if I go through with a new bow build and pick a new sight with .1 pins. Perhaps its my gun side coming out but even an x2 mag rings seems like it should make shots a little tighter.
  6. Bass Pro is the same way. They have an enormous box full of mineral licks with an 8x11 pieces of laminated paper saying its illegal to feed deer in NY. Still doesn't stop people from buying them... including the guy in front of me that had 6 of them
  7. I've kicked up 6 so far, but oddly they have all been deep in the thickest overgrown areas right along a swampy line of cat tails. One of them is almost entirely white. Thought it was an owl at first when it took off.
  8. Sounds similar to where i set up a blind this year. Come to think of it someone has been working on a blind in the same area... did you take my spot?
  9. It's obvious looking at the calendar that 2017-2018 hunting season is almost upon us. Many have worked all spring and summer on food plots. Many have sent hundreds if not thousands of arrows down range. Some have fired a fortune in bullets down range as well. I see lots of talk about the obvious things everyone does to prepare for a new season but what are the little things... the behind the scenes... things you do as the season grows near? I post this because I just got done sharpening the blade on my Mora and my sons Buck, as well as my backup Leatherman. I use a whetstone passed down from my grandfather, to my father to me. I can't really explain why, but gathering up our blades and spending the time to put a razor edge on them is calming. One more knife to go and then I'm going to try to sharpen the broadheads I've been using for practice.
  10. Ive worn glasses all my life and one thing that is VERY important is making sure the glasses fit your face perfectly. Looking through a rifle scope (since i'm looking straight on) doesn't give me any problems but i noticed aiming through a peep sight and pins I wasn't looking perfectly straight...more using the left 33% of my right lens. I found that if I push my glasses up and closer to my eye just a little bit when using a bow, it keeps my field of vision closer to the center of my glasses.
  11. Main ground blind is almost complete. The three main shooting lanes following the three trails that merge just 26 yards from from my seat.
  12. I have nothing of value there just time spent gathering downed branches really. Worst case scenario I use a pop-up but just in case this all goes south I scouted an area on the opposite side of the swamp. Unfortunately I have a feeling it is more travelled than the first place.
  13. No the Tech said that since the season starts over a month from now, unless there is a block buried, the powder should be gone. But if I notice more I should not hunt there and call it in to region 7 law enforcement.
  14. So over the last few months I have gotten in good with a DEC Environmental Tech that has a local office. I talked to him this morning about the situation and provided pics and gps coordinates. Also told him about the cabled trail cam near the other blind. I just pulled in to the parking lot closest to the area and there was a box with a snipped cable lock in it sitting near the gate. Looks like they take this crap seriously
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