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  1. What has changed in my case is Development in the area and more hunters than that parcel of woods can take without creating too much pressure. I have known this the last few years, so it's my fault for not searching more areas to hunt. I have hunted these woods when I first started hunting, so I guess it might be time to move on.
  2. Now that's great customer service! Good for you. Thompson center used to have excellent service until S&W bought them out. now people complain how bad their customer service is.
  3. I feel your pain A6, I havent' shot at a deer in the last 2 hunting seasons. It is very discouraging. This year I have only been out a couple of times and have seen nothing. I have 2 places where I hunt, one place there is only 6 acres of woods and the other place there is about 60 acres of woods. The problem is, there is 5 other hunters that bow hunt there fom Day 1 and by the time regular season starts the deer are non existent. Last year I decided to try hunting state land and had a real close call, it was the first time I heard a slug in flight, what a scary strange sound that was. Never again! Other people I hunted with quit and no longer hunt. I remember a time where you could fill your tags within the first 2 weeks of opening season. I Thought about trying bow hunting to get an early start, But I'm getting too old to start something new, I will give this hunting season this one last try. Good luck to everyone out there and be safe.
  4. You tell them the FACTS: In the early 1900's the Deer population was less than 500,000. due to good wild life management programs (Hunting) we have over 15 Million deer nation wide. Or you can tell them, Nobody contibutes more to the growth of our wildlife than hunters, What have they done?
  5. Bowslinger - it has 1:60 twist for roundball kot2b - Anywhere from $1200-2000 dollars. all depends what you want on the rifle. Patch box, detailed engraving, ect. I personaly like the humble apperance.
  6. I go to PA (Gettysburg) every year, but I have yet to hunt the flintlock season down there. I would really like to make this year my first.
  7. Welcome to the forum Vince! Glad to have you join us.
  8. Welcome to the forum Dave!
  9. I went to Dixon's muzleloading shop in PA this lat week and brought home another flintlock. A TVM 45 cal. Pennsylvaina Rifle. I had to promise my wife this would be my last flintlock.
  10. I just might have to get me one of those.
  11. Years ago, opening day for hunting was always exciting. I would be able to pass on a few deer to get the one that I wanted. you would almost always fill your tags the first few weeks. Over the years a lot has changed, especially the Deer population. Now if I see a few the opening week I feel lucky. Last year I saw one deer after the first week, so far this year I've seen two. I did try a new place in clyde this year and out of four of us we managed to see one small doe opening day. which leads to ask why the state still gives out extra dmps when the deer seem so few. Don't see them like I used to, Maybe it's my old eyes. Anybody else remember back then when you could see fifty to a hundred deer in the fields at a time. I miss those days.
  12. 70 grains of 2F seems to the winner in this gun.
  13. I Got this Tennessee Mountainf flintlock rifle in a trade about 6 months ago, out of my 3 flintlocks this is by far my favorite. The lock is a Large siler lock and is as fast as any of my percussion locks. The 42" green mountain barrel with a 1: 60 twist is extremely accurate out to 100 yds, which is farther than I wnat to be for deer hunting, being a 45 cal. I will not take a shot farther than 70 yards with that caliber. Can't wait for hunting seaon.