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  1. Has nothing to do with Chevy, Ford or Dodge . Have had them all and problems with them all .
  2. I use to shoot every week at the trap course. I haven’t done so in over a year . My daughter did shoot for her school trap team until covid cancelled that . I really should get back on that routine cause my duck hunting season so far has been a lot of misses .
  3. Wow nice buck . I’m getting the opposite feel from these cell cams this year. When I get pics and have to be at work or kids events knowing there’s a nice buck in my area I get major anxiety. I may sell them next year and go completely blind .
  4. Only have a a little bit this morning. Lost my dog transmitter on walk in . Don’t tell Coop but he’s free of command
  5. I have a LL Bean sweater I wear for duck hunting with wind stop and it’s incredible. For deer hunting I have all Sitka . Pretty much everything in the elevated 2 pattern . The thing I learned about high end camo is the Price is forgotten when quality is remembered.
  6. The shakes are the best part of it . I still get em at 47.
  7. Fred Bear use to also shoot deer up the bung-hole but I don’t see anyone doing that anymore
  8. Having my phone texting and looking at threads while hunting probably doesn’t help my electromagnetic field either .
  9. I won’t go to that extreme. I don’t need people to laugh at me
  10. Actually there was a guy that made a ground blind like this and he was testing scent control. His homemade ground blind was the most affective when it came to bloodhound test . I’m trying to think of his name I think it was Bill Vale I think or something . He’s from Michigan
  11. Exactly Chris I’m not pushing the product at all. I’m just giving my real world experience.
  12. It’s not a layering system product.
  13. I didn’t see this back when it originated. I have had one since 2018 and where it all the time. Mainly cause it cost so much not cause it may or may not work. I have killed deer with it on and the deer I shot with it were no more than 12 yards away. Is it cause of the HECS? I don’t know but I wear it cause I couldn’t believe how much it cost .
  14. You are a man of routine
  15. I shower the night before for me
  16. Missing a lot of birds . I’d say I’m rusty and Coop not happy
  17. Tomorrow I’m getting stuff together tonight. Hopefully the guys on the lake busted some up and I’ll be in the backwater
  18. @The_Real_TCIII @Jeremy K
  19. It looks like your willing to throw everything at them this morning