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  1. Iluvracks1359

    Devastated :(

    UPDATE: I have 2 pending requests with two friends of mine, was talking to a long time friend and she said shed gladly let me hunt her 2.5 acres, though its not much, it butts up to her neighbors 175 acres,, and she doesn't see why they wouldn't have an issue with me hunting there. I also play softball in a beer league, and have a friend on the team who owns 125 acres but they don't really hunt it because he thinks the amish have killed everything... im like listen, 125 acres, im sure theres a few good bucks on there... so anyways, he has to check with his aunt and uncle that co-owns the land, and that land is literally right down the road from my new house, so this could be magical... time will tell... hope to find out soon!.
  2. Iluvracks1359

    Lifetime Licenses

    Just bought a new house, the first piece of mail I received at my new address was my lifetime license. Put it in my center console of my.truck, where I wint lose them this time!
  3. Iluvracks1359

    Devastated :(

    I have asked, but they are afraid doing so will scare the buyer off. . So I am not sure if they will .. i think it's going to lay solely in my shoulders to ask
  4. Iluvracks1359

    Devastated :(

    I plan on trying this.. the offer has been on the table for a month now and my aunt and uncle just decided they were going to accept it, so I've literally been going through my mind trying to decide what I'm gonna say, and how I'm going to say it. Honest question.. should I write them a letter? I think no because it gives them an easier way to not answer me by just ignoring the letter. I also am not sure how I'm gunna get the new land owners info.. I might legit have to camp out, outside the property til he shows up.. lol. They are doing lease to by, and from what I know.. his goal is to make a hobby farm out of it, so he wont be there all the time.. .
  5. Iluvracks1359

    Devastated :(

    So last year I was super excited that my uncle finally let me hunt his 107 acre farm.. it was all mine.. I took last year to really learn the land and I had a game plan to take a really nice buck that I knew was gonna be in there.. and then he sold the land! And again I have no where to hunt:( I'm going to ask the new land owner for permission, but its certainly not a guarantee and it looks like theq3wy wont close til late september at the earliest.. leaving me zero time to put cameras out and scout.. as they have asked me to remove my stands and cameras from the land for now... I'm absolutely devastated and stuck with no land to hunt again:(. I guess it's time to start saving my pennies and just purchase my own plot 20 years from now.
  6. Iluvracks1359

    Scouting and cameras.

    So when do you guys start your pre season scouting, setting out cameras etc.?? In the previous years I've always on July 4th weekend, but that's a long time, and I've learned all you are doing at that point is maybe inventory and not much more. However, since I do like to see them grow a bit, I am thinking I want to have them out by august 1.. or at least that first weekend of august. Honestly was gunna go this weekend but I would rather not go out in this intense heat.
  7. Iluvracks1359

    Lifetime Licenses

    Ok so i will get my big game stuff in september then? Good.
  8. Iluvracks1359

    Lifetime Licenses

    Hey guys, its been a while since ive posted, but now that turkey season is back, so am i. anyways. . who on here has their lifetime license? I purchased mine two years ago, with thte thought that I wouldn't have to bother going and purchasing my turkey permits and big game permits any longer (aside from my doe permit.) anyways, I was getting already to go out for my first turkey hunt tomorrow when I realized, I don't remember getting my new spring tags sent to me for this season.. I checked, and I never got them!!! When do they usually send them,?? and does that also mean that they didn't send me my bug game tags neither? What do I do!?!?!!?
  9. Iluvracks1359

    Shed Hunting 2019

    I have never really gone looking for sheds before, but then again, I hunt enough in turkey season, and ive never found a shed. Where should one go looking for sheds?
  10. Iluvracks1359

    Hunting boots

    Hey guys, just wondering, what do you all wear out in the woods, specifically during deer season? For the past 5 years or so, ive had the Under Armour Brow tines, and honestly,. I wasn't impressed with how long they lasted, sure I had the for 5 years, but they stayed REALLY waterproof for maybe 2 -3 years max, and the past couple of years I have just been being stingy on not spending money on a new pair of boots. My buddy that I hunt with just got a new pair of Muck arctic something or other, and they are pretty nice, but I've found a new underarmour boot, similar to the Muck boot, and surprisingly, its a bit cheaper. the boot is the UA HAW 2.0 800G. Do any of you have these boots? If not, what boots do you wear? Im looking for something that doesn't have to have insane amount of thinsulate, but I really need something that lasts a long time,. and keeps the water out! Nothing worse than wet feet! thanks for your input!
  11. Iluvracks1359

    Moon Guide

    Interesting, i definitely had more luck as far as seeing deer goes in early season. But i just never got a shot, but i saw nothing at all during the rut during the day time at my stands. I had deer on camera just sbout every night. Sometimes only 20 mins after dark. . . I might neee to find where they are coming from 20 mins earlier, and move my stand there
  12. Iluvracks1359

    Moon Guide

    was watching a hunting show the other day, and the guy on it was using this little slide calendar thing called the moon guide. During that show there were also several commercials for the product. The idea is basically this little guide tells u the best days to hunt based on the moon phases. Has anyone used this product, or anything like it, and had success? I think its like 30 bucks to buy it for each year. . .I was thinking of giving it a shot next year, as the buck I was after this year seemed to skirt me all year, and I never saw him during daylight. thoughts?
  13. Iluvracks1359

    wishfull thinking

    I feel your pain, as soon as november hit, all my bucks went nocturnal, and now have completely disappeared
  14. Iluvracks1359

    2018 Rut Report

    Im in 6r, finding small bucks are up the does butts, but the big boys arent out during the day yet, hunted tonight and 3 deer came out behund me 10 mins before dark. Checked mt camera and found this. . .but look at the time stamp
  15. Iluvracks1359

    Mock scrape

    So i have never tried making a mock scrape b4, and i qanna give it a try this year. What are some tips on how and where to set one up, and what do you all use??? Also, is it too soon to take the grunt call in the woods with me?