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  1. If the price difference doesnt really throw you I would go fullsize. Gas mileage is typically not too much better on a midsize pickup and you might as well go with the "bigger and better" option. If you actually PREFER a smaller truck then go for it. I personally (for whatever reason) like the look of the king cab, short box colorados. They don't particularly look "small" at first glance and they seem like theyre better suited for going off road and getting into thicker wooded areas than their larger counterparts.
  2. Good point. Its about 29g lighter assuming knocks and inserts are the same (theyre pre glued on one of the arrows.) I could go for a heavier broadhead or add a collar but im kind of betting that doing so would blow the arrow up if it IS underspined.
  3. Would you mind throwing a picture up? I tossed the box a long time ago and cant find the chart online. I dont personally remember seeing anything like that but it could be false memory. Im curious about if i cut my arrow 1.5" if it will fall back into 350 spine range.
  4. Where does it say that she didn't call the police? I find it odd that so many "hunters" are immediately calling BS and taking sides without knowing a thing about the situation. We all get the little magazine every year when we get our licenses and see the pictures of poached animals that the DEC was able to recover. We've read the incident reports, there was a story the other day about a hunter shooting his buddy because "i thought it was a deer.". There ARE poachers, there ARE bad hunters who take bad shots. Who knows if this happened or how exactly it went down but to immediately take sides and write it off as fake is kind of pathetic. If there's a guy taking pop shots at dogs in my neighborhood I don't want him there.
  5. I actually live in webster and I didnt hear anything about this. I don't even believe that hunting is allowed in webster except maybe for the town hunt where you have to prove youre a capable archer and can only shoot in one direction from pre-set stands and only if you own property in webster proper. Hell Idk if they still even do that hunt anymore. I guess it's hard to just immediately say it's BS. Webster isn't exactly north greece when it comes to hunter/civilian relations but its hard to imagine living that close to water and woods that you would be so anti-hunting to the point of making up something completely random like that. I would say that there could be a chance of a POACHER trying not to get caught who maybe threw something or i guess potentially shot at the dog to try to keep people away from them. If he shot a broadhead at that dog then he apparently just grazed it, either an amazing or awful shot. Either way, call it anti-hunter but if there was someone in webster park shooting a bow they arent hunting, theyre poaching.
  6. I like the lipstick idea. There is potential to the idea that some how they go so far off center at release that they're already crooked enough going through the rest that they're hitting it. I could give it a shot. I'm currently sitting around attempting to heal a back injury, when I'm physically up for it I will give that a try...probably not in the next week or so. I just figured if I'm going to sit around thinking about shooting my bow I might as well do the next best thing and TALK about shooting it.
  7. @Doewhacker draw weight = comfort = better groupings. At least for me. I'm a big guy, I'm not Mr. Muscles by any means but on my bow <70lbs feels...well...wrong.
  8. Hey all, let me fill in a few gaps: 1. The arrows are actually rated for 60-75lbs and come precut at 31" I dont have the chart handy but i think its safe to assume that they consider the arrow safe up to 75lbs even if it is left uncut, otherwise they would sell them precut to 28 or 29", at least thats how i make sense of it. I understand what you're all saying but you have to remember this is an OLD bow, its slow, 70lbs isnt the same on every bow. My old 92 caprice had a 350 V8 engine but that doesnt mean it could have kept up with a 2017 camaro. 2. The diameters between my old and new arrows are about the same, i haven't actually checked them with a micrometer but i would say within .002 3. I haven't checked the straightness, they advertise .006 and I've had no reason to suspect otherwise. I actually worked as part/shaft straightener in a machine shop for a while so i have an eye for it. (And available equipment if need be.) 4. I, like Moog5050, considered too stiff of a spine at one point also. However the amount of wobble that i feel when i shoot these makes me think otherwise. They feel like I'm shooting a cannonball, theyre fast and all over the place. They aren't hitting even slightly straight despite my best efforts to previously tune them. They almost make me think that theyre hitting something on tbe way off the string, which leads me to... 5. As far as i can tell they arent hitting anything. The blazers move smoothly through the whiskerbuiscut when pulled through by hand and being essentially the same size as my other arrows there shouldn't be anything else coming into contact with them based on my setup. 6. It should be noted that i test shot a variety of other generic walmart arrows all simply labeled along the lines of 35-70lbs or 40-75lbs and all of them, despite a few differences in length, diameter and weight, hit within a few inches of eachother. At no point did i think i was shooting something completely not meant for my bow until i shot these decimators. Like i said, i can probably cut an inch off of them, maybe 1.5" before theyre just useless to me... Turning down the bow isnt much of an option for me, the difference in speed makes my groupings a little less than desired when below 70lbs.
  9. So I'm a hunter on the cheap. I'm a big proponent of used and budget equipment when it comes to hunting, after all it's about the cleanest kill, not the most expensive equipment. With that said, my bow is an old hoyt raider, it has wheels, not cams. I shoot 70lbs @31" draw and shoot carbon arrows to maximize my speed (its more than fast enough to kill deer). So here's the issue... I have the bow tuned surpringly well with the generic Allen (i think they're actually called kryptos?) arrows that you buy at walmart individually for about $3-4. The 31" arrows say theyre rated for up to 70lbs and have a 9.6GPI. Weeelllll i decided that it was time for the slightest of upgrades and bought a box of the victory decimators (aka v-force) from Dick's while they were on their anual 50% off sale. I bought the 350 spine arrows and didnt have them cut as they were already 31". I figured a lighter arrow, rated for my draw weight, with actual blazer veins would be an improvment but when i shoot them they fly fast and sloppy and WAY high-left. Heres the thing, these arrows are pretty similar to my allens, the biggest differences are that theyre 8.7GPI and the 31" length is measured in shaft alone, not from the nocking point so theyre about half an inch longer. The thing is, these arrows FEEL like they are underspined for my bow but I cant really figure out how, its an old bow and doesn't have nearly as much speed or power at the release as a modern compound and it says on the box that they are rated up to 70lbs with modern bows. I can only cut them about an inch before my broadhead ends up burried in my whiskerbiscuit, but i don't know if that would be enough to get rid of that sloppy shot. anyone have any similar issues or have any problems with those arrows? For now my plan was to buy a few more of those delightfuly cheap allen arrows but they apparently went on sale near me and i cant find any. Meanwhile Im down to 1 left, and 6 arrows that i cant hit a barn with.
  10. I'm beating myself up for saying anything but just got to braddock bay, I've seen pheasant walking around while bow hunting and I've seen 1 or 2 crossing the parkway. Haven't seen any grouse but that doesn't mean they're not around. There's all sorts of small delicious critters running around out there.
  11. Their sales are usually ok, dicks usually has bigger sales but they'll add match, a good example of how that's useful is that the dick's exclusive v-force decimator arrows are half off at dick's and not at f&s but i wouldn't trust the guy at dick's to cut my arrows (he measured from behind the nock) so buying them at f&s on add match is a way better option because as you said their archery department is actually very good. I work with a guy who's dad used to own a small archery shop and he said a couple of the guys working at f&s were old customers and workers of his dads snd he trusts them entirely. The gun department is too big of a hurdle for me though. i actually went in to buy, waited about an hour, and then left empty handed because no one acknowledged me. Not a fan.
  12. Well looks like 8c is a bust, too many bird hunters shooting up the sky and way to windy on top of that. I ended up being 2nd to a public spot at 6am and had a dog walker come in right behind me. (*sigh* "public land") when i finally packed up at 8am after seeing a whole bunch of nothing i saw 3 hunters come out right behind me, seems like everybody gave up at the same time. Might go back tonight. I guess we'll see.
  13. Not a fan of the one in rochester, good selection and all but very pricey and bad customer service in the gun department. I actually prefer the local gander mountain and that place isn't great either.
  14. I'll certainly try but i really doubt that I'm going to. I'm actually looking for a doe because I have a dmp for 8c and they give you back a tag for everyone you fill. I'd like to save my bow season tag for a potential "eat what you catch" type of camping trimp i may take this fall.
  15. I was in 5th grade, school had pretty much just started and we were still on our first week. The teachers didn't know what to do or say and they just tried to stay calm and let any kids with family in NYC use the phones to call their parents. We were only 10 years old but we were the major achievement class so they brought us in a tv and put on the news figuring we would be mature enough for it. Most of us didn't really grasp it until we saw it on the tv, even as a kid i took one look at the flames and damage and thought "those buildings are going down" Just before they collapsed.