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  1. I have been vaccinated and if I choose to not wear a mask and get sick it is my issue but the large issue is all of the unvaccinated that say they are and aren’t wearing them just get vaccinated it isn’t a big deal idk why it is so hard for people to grow up and act like adults
  2. Rtic has some really good prices and will blow any Colman or other cooler out of the water
  3. Post them up on here see if there is any interest before you post them on gunbroker or anything lots of guns are bought and sold on this site just have to do transfer through ffl
  4. I had a ram for a rental while my Denali was in the body shop and it was the most uncomfortable truck I have ever been in and the ride sucked
  5. The had people all over and was dealing with a dirt bag and made a mistake that was cause by the dirt bag being a pos
  6. I agree they are all getting out ASAP over this nonsense that dirt bag has been made into a hero and he has been nothing but bad his whole life if it wasn’t a white cop would have been no big deal
  7. If he did what he was asked wouldn’t be an issue is the main point if you don’t you get what you get never had an issue with a cop ever when done as I was told period it was me Floyd that cause his own issues because he is entitled
  8. You are right that’s all you want to hear you know it all
  9. We won’t have cops because we baby a coddle these people who cause the problem and are in the wrong and blame it on the cops and that is ridiculous yes he used excessive force but the original problem was Floyd who was nothing but trouble and had been in and out of jail but let’s make him a victim that makes no sense to me
  10. Yes he should loose his job but should not be in jail for life if Floyd didn’t resist it would have been a problem so I feel he is just as much at fault if you resist and fight with the cops you get what you get I have no sympathy for you no matter what race you are have a friend that had to fight with the cops he got his pounded and then arrested got exactly what he deserved
  11. Do as the cop says never an issue don’t do what the cop says you get what you get no sympathy for mr Floyd has been in trouble more than once and it’s unfortunate that he died but if he would have listened then he would still be alive
  12. Way to many hours that’s worth no more than 12-13k tops you can pick up trailers real cheap and that’s a ton of hours
  13. All big trucks are going to auto trannys cause can’t find driver who can shift cause they are 2 lazy or can’t figure out how those of us who can and feel it is safer are being pushed into auto tranny trucks
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