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  1. I delivered dumpsters for 6years just remember with a 40 yard the sides are 8 feet tall but definitely at least want a 30
  2. I am looking at one in 7-08 and plan on shooting off a rest should have clarified that
  3. Anyone have one or use one just wondering how they shoot and how the recoil on them is
  4. Nope and if he does it is only on the coat rails of his brother and father
  5. And one that is going to be expensive to shoot with limited options for finding the perfect load
  6. I wouldn’t be interested if I was the farmer for 620 bucks plus there may be a hand shake agreement with the tenant or the possibility that the tenant gets pissed off I would at least start off at double that to make what I think would be a fair offer
  7. The other option is to look into fall deer bear hunt in Canada not real expensive and way better success rates just my opinion live in ny and bear hunt in Canada every year
  8. +1 for the prohunter fx
  9. Love deer drives and I always volunteer to walk cause seems to be the way to see the most
  10. Last day in Quebec the rain is coming I just hope the animals get up and move before it comes in hard been a slow week no bear and no bucks just does fawns and turkeys
  11. Wife and I are in Quebec for there deer and bear muzzy season she saw 3 does yesterday a zip for me so far hoping now that the rain has let up they get on there feet before dark but the next 3 days look real good
  12. Wife got it done with the muzzleloader tonight first one with the muzzleloader
  13. Back out for the evening watch saw a doe and two fawns this morning hopefully a little more action this afternoon
  14. Out fo my first sit of the year with my wife in the new shooting house we built hoping she gets to touch her muzzleloader off soon would be a great start to the season
  15. I guess so I could never get that much time off but good for him