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  1. Stein13

    Leland Steak Machine

    How much you asking for it
  2. Stein13

    2019 rutcation

    I guess so I could never get that much time off but good for him
  3. Stein13

    2019 rutcation

    Where you work to get that much time off
  4. Stein13

    What type of ML?

    I shoot a tc encore and love it and last year we bought my wife the tc impact and she loves it shoots great and is extremely accurate
  5. Stein13

    Remington model760 308 win

    Is it a carbine
  6. Stein13

    6mm ammo

    I will take the ammo if it is still available please
  7. Have a slightly used tc encore pro hunter weathershield 25-06 barrel and forend looking to get 275.00 will post a couple pics later
  8. Stein13

    Rain Gear

    Frog togs
  9. Stein13

    Meat Slicer

    Where are you located
  10. Stein13

    That's my boy!

    Wooly to you have any bear carving for sale
  11. Stein13

    Obsession Phoenix

    To bad it’s right handed
  12. Stein13

    Christmas Gift For Wife Or GF?

    Weatherby Camilla in 7mm-08 and some other small stuff
  13. Looking to sell my 300 to get the rest of the funds together to buy the weatherby I want in good shape has some light marks on the stock has always shot great has a Nikon 3.5-14 pro staff 5 first focal plane retical bdc with Leopoldo rings phase around 900 in the gun looking to get $650
  14. Stein13

    Browning AB3 300win mag

    Sold pending funds
  15. Stein13

    Good rifle for daughter

    And it’s 299.99 not 399.99
  16. Stein13

    Good rifle for daughter
  17. Stein13

    Good rifle for daughter

    There is a nib handi rifle youth 7mm-08 on gunbroker for 399.99
  18. Stein13

    Browning AB3 300win mag

    Not the best pics of the bore but the best I could get the bore is emaculent condition
  19. Stein13

    King cutter disc harrow

    Sold please close this one up
  20. Like new kingcutter professional box farm disc harrow over 2 grand new they have been used for less than an hour looking to get 800obo
  21. Stein13

    Browning AB3 300win mag

    Yes I would be willing to sell just the rifle