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  1. If you want a rifle it really doesnt matter too much. They all kill deer for the most part. I have shot 8 deer with a rifle since it became legal in Chautauqua county. 4 with a .243 and 4 with a .308. All of them died within 30 yards of the hit. I see no difference. the best part of rifles is usually you hit where you are aiming! I would say anything from a .243-.308 is a great choice. Relatively low recoil and they work as long as you hit the deer where you are supposed to.
  2. I used to hate decoys because of bad luck with them. Then on a whim I got an Avian X Jake and Hen and they are game changers. Its unbelievable how well they work! I got them last year and on the first day of youth season I called 2 jakes into them right off the roost and the hunter got one. On memorial day they enticed a henned up longbeard across a huge field for me and they also enticed a big 3 year old gobbler that had 3 hens with him across a big field in VA this year on April 16th. You can bet your turkey vest I will have them in front of me all season!
  3. That must be where all the turkeys are!!
  4. been cutting deer since I was 8. Its really not hard and once you get the hang of it, you can get it done in a few hours. I also have a grinder and vacuum sealer. Makes things better and faster!
  5. I do not shoot at running deer anymore. I used to try but I have only killed one deer while running. That shot was literally 5 feet! I know people who can do it. I'm not one of them.
  6. I have had TSI done by loggers where they cut a lot of aspen, beech and maple that were crowding other good timber. I have also done about 5 acres of hinge cutting. I basically went through and cut anything that wasn't an oak or cherry in the whole area. I cut partially through it and pushed it over. I did this mostly 2 years ago and this year I noticed a huge difference in the amount of deer bedding on my property. And the key to it all with the professional logging was to LEAVE THE TOPS!! I have had tons of guys come to me asking to cut firewood and I said NO because the whole point of the cutting was to not just make room for the better timber but to give the deer security cover!!
  7. I hunt 9J and there are lots of deer. I have seen as many as 15 deer in my foodplots at one time. I have also sat there for hours and not seen any...... I have multiple forms of proof that there are alot of deer. That doesn't mean I am always going to see them. I hunted opening day and saw 8 deer. Shot one big doe and passed on the rest. I have seen 25 deer on opening day. Every day is different and there are all sorts of factors that cause you to see or not see deer. The one that some people forget about is luck.... sometimes you can be unlucky... Just go out and enjoy the woods and hunt. Every time it doesn't go your way don't try and blame someone else. It might have just been bad luck...
  8. We have a New Holland Work-master 55. I love it. It is small enough to maneuver through the woods well and large enough to pull a 3 bottom plow and pull a big set of disks. I recommend it!
  9. Grunted this buck in Friday at 6pm. Shot him in a new foodplot that I constructed this year. What a great feeling having my hard work pay off like that. Good luck to everyone else!
  10. Its definitely time to put as much time in the stand as possible. Good luck!
  11. great buck! I had that happen with a lumenok a few years ago. Except I got to full draw and the arrow fell off the bow...... I use nockturnals now and they are a tight fit.
  12. I have had very little luck in October.... I have had most of my luck in November. I have had years where I pretty much hunted every day of the bow season and killed my deer in early Nov. Lately I am out of college and have a full time job and I only hunt the weekends and holidays. And I still kill my deer in Nov.... I know that intrusion can't possibly help. Therefore this year I hunted another property the first weekend. Last weekend I hunted the fringes on my property a few times. I am not going back until Nov 1. I am taking a long weekend the 1st weekend of Nov and a long weekend over Veterans day. I feel this will give me great odds and my property will have basically not been hunted yet.... I don't know the scientific facts of the October lull. But my property in the 11 years that I have bowhunted it, has never been very good in Oct. Hunting is situational there is very little that is black and white. Go out there and do what you want to do and have fun!!! Good luck!
  13. I have a hard time understanding why people actually take the time to post something this stupid. Why are you on this site? Just to bully people and talk about how great you are because you don't like trail cameras. I hope when I am older I don't become this ornery!
  14. I'll be out tomorrow evening and saturday and sunday
  15. It's tough to control how people react to different things. I am who I am and my reaction is a direct result of that. I am always excited because of the adrenalin and all the work and prep leading up to the hunt. But I do have a sense of respect for the animal. But that's me. Some people act the opposite of that.... I can not control that. That's why hunting isn't a team sport. Its done alone or with someone you choose to spend time with. React how you want and I'll do the same.