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  1. Nice heads up, I used up all my points for 2016, Thanks
  2. Ralph_B

    4W Hancock

    No luck in East Branch this past weekend, rolled up to the camp late after Thanksgiving dinner. Got out into stand late Friday morning about 9:30-10:00, walked out at dusk only saw 1 squirrel. Saturday, was in stand by 8:00 came down for lunch from 12:00 till 1:00, again out at dusk, saw nothing besides birds. Sunday, bring lunch and tons of snacks because I am going to make a day of this. But the same crap, more rain and sleet and a jumped 3 does on walk in and a 3 pointer taunting me for most of the afternoon, again walking out at dusk. Monday, at a new spot, because the old timer down the road tells us he has seen a basket 6 in the ash pit. I take up in a blind of down trees at the edge of ash pit by 6:15, 7:15 2 does come through like they own the joint. I throw my arms up in despair by 9:30 and tap out. Looks like I am going to get into the bow action and hopefully extend my season by a few more weekends for next year. Ralph-0, Deer-3.
  3. I googled a few things, with that said please make the appropriate calls to Shelter Island PD and NYS DEC. Google NYS DEC SLIM, SLIM is a mapping program that has all the DEC areas, DEC controls the SI tidal wetlands area, see web link, http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/7844.html and here is on for Shelter Island PD, http://www.shelterislandpolice.us/content/deermanagement Hope this helps.
  4. I really don't know, but I can ask around and look into.
  5. Welcome Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Larry302, Like someone else posted WAZE APP is a good bet to get you through to Park Slope, but be warned tons of construction on the BQE coming off 495/LIE, if you can navigate the side streets that may be better but again a roll of the dice.
  7. I hear that Shelter Island has some massive bucks. A colleague I work with has a house out there and is always talking about how big the deer population is out there. I hear that most guys hunt on private properties for the most part.
  8. Hello to all @ HuntingNY I am from Carle Place, Nassau County. I hunt a buddy's property, 300 acres in Delaware County. No luck on the bucks, for the past 3 years, lets see if the gods change that this season. Be Safe... Ralph