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  1. Todd67

    spots in 3M?

    Thanks for the tips, I'll check them out.
  2. Todd67

    spots in 3M?

    I know Stewart is an option, but I imagine it is very busy. Plus, I don't have a muzzle loader. Any other spots in 3M? Looking at the map, I don't see any that are obvious. Thanks
  3. Todd67

    2016 DMP Swap Thread

    Looking for 4Z
  4. Todd67

    Looking to buy hunting property

    Phisher, that's an interesting proposal. I'm new to hunting, but was thinking exactly the same thing. Some shared property would allow much more acreage.
  5. Todd67

    New hunter

    Great feedback, thank you. I'm heading back out tomorrow.
  6. Todd67

    New hunter

    I live in 3F, but don't have a scoped shotgun (I assume I would need a scope, maybe not for close shots). Went to my parent's in 4A on TG weekend - about 100 acres wooded - some neighbors lent me their stands. Didn't see a single deer morning, evening, or next morning. I heard many shots within a few miles, but nothing on their property. Now I'm wondering what to do for the rest of the season. Reading the forums looking for ideas. Maybe something closer to home, but I'm a little wary of public land...