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  1. Way to go. It's time for a Tinder account
  2. Awesome, thanks for posting this, Did anyone read the comments at the end of the article?
  3. My wife has a Benelli M2 12ga with a youth stock, in Leopard Print. She has never once said a word about recoil.
  4. Super Bad brothers Grimsby True Romance Heat its early, I’m sure I could come up with a few more
  5. For the guy who has everything, a sxs 22mag. I thought I was doing good with a Ruger 77/22mag. Cool piece.
  6. I've always liked Bottomland, what's more important to me is comfort and fit. Under Armor for the win
  7. The gander by me is closing too, they claim the city won’t let them display, sell RV’s. How long have they been reopened as gander outdoors? A year or 2?