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  1. Cordless is the way to go, on job sites with multiple trades working at the same time they're no mountains of cords to trip over, save a lot of time at the beginning and end of the day rolling up cords. Buy a good brand, with the bigger batteries. I use a grinder with a masonry blade for cutting brick and block, way easier than starting a gas saw every time you need a cut.
  2. I won't be putting in an order for one
  3. I'm amazed how wide spread the news of this travels through the outdoors community. Should of got locked up.
  4. That looks like it would be an awesome turkey gun, short, light, I wouldn't feel under gunned with a 20ga, I would definitely spring for the TSS shells, they're deadly.
  5. In 2000, my Dad gave me 77-22 mag for my birthday, I have a 3x9 compact Burris on it. Really cool gun, but like you said, the triggers suck. Shot my first Coyote with. I have 77's in 7 mag, 22 mag, and recently bought one in 243.
  6. I bought a blued wood stock Ruger 77 in 243 last week off one of my buddies, he bought it just for the gloss Leupold scope. Nice looking Gun, I have a gloss 6X I'm putting on it.
  7. I think a blued gun looks better with a gloss scope, same as a mat and a stainless gun with matching scopes and rings.
  8. That's awesome, Bet his kids are sick of taking him hunting
  9. I had something cut out of my leg 2 years ago, couldn't believe the size of the cut, I didn't feel a thing. I go to the dermatologist twice a years, alway get spots burned of with liquid nitrogen. Fun stuff
  10. I'm good with them so far, I like the adjustable top, you can tuck your pants in them
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