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  1. In 2000, my Dad gave me 77-22 mag for my birthday, I have a 3x9 compact Burris on it. Really cool gun, but like you said, the triggers suck. Shot my first Coyote with. I have 77's in 7 mag, 22 mag, and recently bought one in 243.
  2. I bought a blued wood stock Ruger 77 in 243 last week off one of my buddies, he bought it just for the gloss Leupold scope. Nice looking Gun, I have a gloss 6X I'm putting on it.
  3. I think a blued gun looks better with a gloss scope, same as a mat and a stainless gun with matching scopes and rings.
  4. That's awesome, Bet his kids are sick of taking him hunting
  5. I had something cut out of my leg 2 years ago, couldn't believe the size of the cut, I didn't feel a thing. I go to the dermatologist twice a years, alway get spots burned of with liquid nitrogen. Fun stuff
  6. I'm good with them so far, I like the adjustable top, you can tuck your pants in them
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