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  1. I think this might the way to go, less is more. What chair do you have?
  2. I think I'm ditching the traditional vest this year and going with one of those low turkey hunting chairs. They're pretty light, look comfortable, at least my buddy looks comfortable sleeping in it, you don't need a tree. How much stuff do you really need, with a turkey vest, you take way more junk than you use.
  3. I have a Browning Cynergy that's real nice, I shoot 3.5's in with not too much kick. Also have a Winchester 101, I don't Waterfowl with it, mostly clays, nice guns without being way over the top expensive.
  4. Quit kissing his ass, you're not taking number 1 away from me today Bro.
  5. If more uncooperative 9 year olds were handcuffed and pepper sprayed, there would be less uncooperative 9 year olds.
  6. Those snakes look big enough to put a pretty good squeeze on you, I'd use a stick or just shoot them. You could make something cool out of the skin.
  7. I would never listen to that, never liked her, don't even want to see her naked!
  8. Turkey loads would make awesome home defense rounds
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