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  1. My buddy has one for 22 cal and we’ve had it on this upper, it’s like a BB gun, you could live in a condo and shoot it off your patio
  2. Unless you're shooting sub sonic rounds it's still going to be loud,
  3. He looks like he has a soul, good luck with your sale
  4. If you fill the mag a few rounds short of max capacity there's less spring pressure making it easier for the bolt to pick up and chamber the round
  5. That's proof that this shits for real
  6. I don't get what the big deal is. What really works for Deer is water softening salt pellets, dump it in a pile and let the rain wash it into the soil, the Deer love that salty dirt.
  7. Did you ever get an answer on rebarreling the BAR?
  8. I've had Labs my whole life, great dogs, had a Blue Tick too, he was an absolute killing machine
  9. I always look for a triple or double tree to break up my silhouette, even if I need a couple screw in steps to get up high enough for clearance for the stand. You also need to be more than 5' off the ground
  10. I think the farther you're from an animals line of site,, the more you can get away with as far as movement to prepare for the shot