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  1. Just got a Cabelas flyer and they have the Garmin Montana on sale, $200 off. Good luck hunting with the amish neighbors
  2. I read this once, don't know how true it is. Foster type slugs like a short smooth bore barrel Sabot's like a longer rifled barrel
  3. A 4n1 bucket on a loader is a great thing, I've had them on full size rubber tired backhoes
  4. For what a backhoe costs for a compact tractor, I would save that money for when I really needed a backhoe and rent a mini excavator, a real backhoe. It will be way stronger, faster and no wear and tear on your tractor. Oh, and I have a John Deere 855 with a loader, it's awesome, I've had it for over 20 years with no problems
  5. My son's in the CG, he was on a couple of Cutter's in VA, now he's stationed at his dream location, Fire Island
  6. My buddy gave me a try fold aluminum bed cover from a plow truck he bought used, I think its great, I can put it on and off by myself, my stuff is covered, dry, and out of site, I'm sure it's strong enough for me to walk on it too. After having this, I would buy another.
  7. A terrible day for all American's, the part I still don't like, it took ten years to kill him and no pics of the kill, so did it really happen?
  8. Cool mount, the second picture looks real
  9. I have an old Abercrombie and Fitch catalog, I'll dig it out see what it has in it, have an old LL Bean too. Cool pictures, I wish I had some old hunting pictures, when I was a kid we never took pics.
  10. How does that Raptor shoot, any jams? I won one at a DU dinner
  11. Nice haul, I'm a big fan of the Zink Goose calls
  12. I'd hit that just to up my numbers, it would be a good story