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  1. Do not stoop to their level, "These spitters have no morals or values, less than human," I would have accidently fell into them causing them to fall on the ground, Yeah, things happen when hitting the ground.
  2. Always, always ask, face to face, calls, letters with follow-up. Show up at different times of the year , ask if they need some help, haying, building fence, help in general or bring some foodstuffs, goes a long way.
  3. I'm in 7M, don'r have to worry about gut piles on State Land here. The Wife and me haven't seen a deer or any game in the last 10 years.
  4. The mornings are getting chilly and crisp, this will start kicking the bucks into rut.

  5. Not much over 3 yrs, if that, sleek build, not over 135#
  6. I agree between 116-120, nice buck
  7. Take him, great looking mature deer
  8. Fantastic, great luck to you and many thrilling and exciting hunts for you in the future. Congrats, Blood Brother
  9. Always carry with Tips up, but upon getting to the location, I remove the quiver. Easier to maneuver the bow and arrows right beside me
  10. All in good time has been years since I've made it out the first week. Kinda prefer to later, weather cooler, leaves off the trees, my time of year.