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  1. Many deer experts, I have met. Armchair hunters watching hunting on TV. Yep, they're experts.
  2. I have thought many times in the past, are THEY real, so many fakes. Computers can make up anything and everything. I just believe, BuckNutts has it together and will impact the Hunting community in a very positive way.
  3. I do not use anything except fresh earth scent, reason being; I do not trust anything that says buck of doe urine, I believe that an old buck can smell the difference in actual and fake. Had many instances in the woods with urine that cause deer to steer away. Deer will avoid an area if smelling urine indicates that an larger buck may be in area. Use good scent control, think about what deer would smell in the woods. Odors that are foreign to animals, eating at diner, smoking, odors pick up by clothing hung in hallways, coat racks.
  4. Slow is the name of the game. Watch for any movement, tails, ears. Take your steps very easy, very slow, 1, 2 steps and stop, listen, watch for movement. Hunt during windy conditions, covers noise. Snow storms, rain dampens the ground cover. Most important, Hunt and Move Slow, Wait, Take Your Time
  5. First off, the wife would kill me!!! Have my own meat shed, wouldn't dare do anything in any part of the house!!!
  6. Clean with hot soapy water, dry, replace bleeders, spray with Amsiol Metal Protectant
  7. Here's my 2 cents. Tried them all, I found Fresh Earth Scent works for me. Scent of Mother Earth, can't beat that dirt smell, Had deer walk with-in a few feet of me, never knew there was any danger.
  8. May God grant his healing powers upon your brother.
  9. Outstanding, young etical female hunter that has the hunting scene together, haven't seen this in a long time. Hoo-ah Good Luck in your Hunting experience.
  10. Do not stoop to their level, "These spitters have no morals or values, less than human," I would have accidently fell into them causing them to fall on the ground, Yeah, things happen when hitting the ground.
  11. Always, always ask, face to face, calls, letters with follow-up. Show up at different times of the year , ask if they need some help, haying, building fence, help in general or bring some foodstuffs, goes a long way.
  12. I'm in 7M, don'r have to worry about gut piles on State Land here. The Wife and me haven't seen a deer or any game in the last 10 years.