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  1. Lone Silver Wolf

    Early hard winter?

    Old fashion winter, the kind I remember back in the fifties, snow would pile up and the wind would blow it into massive snow drifts. Large ice storms would break many trees down along with electrical poles and wires. To get your deer, means hard walking, braving the cold and hunting using everything in your arsenal.
  2. Dinner at 1230hrs, hunting around 1430hrs and when the stomach evens out. Plan not to walk very much, just sit and watch and enjoy this beautiful day that God has given me.
  3. Lone Silver Wolf

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. May your hunts go safety and you get the "one." God Bless
  4. Lone Silver Wolf

    the unwritten rule of claiming a hit deer

    The last fatal shot that causes the animal to drop dead, in front of you A deer is not worth getting all upset over, losing it to another hunter. Think about it this way, now you have more time to hunt.
  5. Lone Silver Wolf

    What do you consider a "Fatal Shot" ?

    Favorite, headshot, Neck shot, middle of, just behind the elbow joint, an inch below, heart and double lung Depends on your ability to take shots with confidence, and yards of the target.
  6. Lone Silver Wolf

    Anyone seeing rut action???

    Yes, right from my living window, out across the swamp, bucks chasing does.
  7. Lone Silver Wolf

    Later rut?

    In 7M, rut started getting active the last week of bow season, the snow put it in high gear. Seen does being chased by bucks from my living room window.
  8. Lone Silver Wolf

    Hunting thermos

    Never used any thermos, I have an old Army Canteen with the green insulated pocket holder attached to my pistol belt. I have found for me that drinking warm or hot liquids when hunting makes me colder. Maybe it's me.
  9. Lone Silver Wolf

    Yes, I get these are lame, but....

    Ruger American, 30-06, Leatherwood Scope 4 x 16 Hornady 168 gr. A-Max Puts them down, 30-06 been with since was 12 yrs old
  10. Lone Silver Wolf

    Heart recipe

    Oh, I love heart, just slice it up. put in a cast iron pan with butter, salt and pepper, it's an outstanding meal, belly up to the table. Thank you, God.
  11. Prepare your seedbed, take into consideration your wants, then start hunting for products that fulfill your desires. I grew up on a large farm and the deer loved the clover but into the season the left cornfields really were hit hard. Think about all YOU want and good luck.
  12. Lone Silver Wolf

    Tag Question for LI

    Call the DEC on LI, and ask them, before doing any type of hunting. Good luck
  13. Lone Silver Wolf


    How do you get past the "newbie" status? I've hunted all my life and it has been great.
  14. How do you get away from the "newbie" status?

    Been hunting and shooting my entire life.

  15. Lone Silver Wolf

    Happy Birthday Rebel Darling

    Happy Birthday have blessed day