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  1. Am I the only one on this site that is predisposed to random bouts of violence? I mean WTF?!?!?! I hunt enough and am in the field more than enough to keep track of trespassers, thiefs and dirtbags! It's never happened yet, maybe because enough people know how I am, but I would at least scare the shit out of anyone I catch where they don't belong! I hunt my property and most of my neighbors and in 22 years nothing came up missing. I did find a "marker" this year at the opening I use to access my neighbors. I removed it and re-posted his road frontage for him. I made it a point to look for ANY human sign the whole season, including now. It's one thing to trespass, but then to actually hunt your stands, kill your deer and steal your equipment. Time to get creative. I'd rig a rung near the top of my ladder stand to break away when you step on it. Just cut not quite through and smooth the cut over with some caulk. For the camera, take one that's past it's prime and gut it. Stuff it full of your wife's used pads or plugs and hang it right out in the open. When the dick head pops that open on the kitchen table, ohhhh BOY! Guess I've been fortunate. I have three cams out now and they'll stay out indefinitely now. I'll pull them as I see fit through scouting or patrolling or however you want to put it.
  2. Plan on getting out a few afternoons this week and next. Weekends for sure. No pressure. Always planning for the next season.
  3. Best of luck with your recovery! I go in Jan 3rd for right knee replacement, then three months later, my left. Hope to be 100% by next October. Most people I know who have gone this route have been extremely happy they did! Keep us posted on your progress and again, good luck!
  4. Start laying out plans for tweaking stands and plots for next year. Just ordered an electric fence set-up. Anyone ever plant soy beans as a plot?