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  1. Looking for new places to hunt big game this year. Curious what the hunting pressure is like over there and if anyone else on here has ever hunted there. Appears that I'm less than likely to get any doe permits for the area but that wont be a problem for the bow or muzzle season. Looks like a decent wooded area surrounded by a little bit of agriculture. Hoping maybe it gets a little less pressure than nearby allegany state park. Thanks for any insight guys.
  2. I've never found any fast and hard rule, if we have a steady wind usually I'll see them walking with a cross wind or they will be angling into the wind. Often times my areas are very swirly though and I honestly can't determine how the deer are using it to their advantage. I really do need to learn more about wind currents and how they're effected by terrain.
  3. As the title says this is just a theory. I read a lot about deer hunting through the entire year and love to learn as much as I can. Some of my opinions vary greatly from the accepted rules though. For one, I'd rather still hunt than hunt from a stand. Once a buck knows your stand location he can avoid it. As a still hunter you can adapt to how a deer reacts to your presence and use that to your advantage. I hear a lot of people say that once a buck has been bumped, he probably won't return. I feel the exact opposite. If he used the terrain and area to elude hunters before he can do it again and will feel more comfortable in an area he knows. As a hunter if you can figure out how he eluded you it can be used to your advantage in the future. Another thing I hear a lot is that big bucks are gone at the first sign of human presence. What if they're actually bigger risk takers than younger deer and actually allow the threat to approach and walk by instead of running and giving up their position? I've read several studies where radio collared deer have actually hunkered right down and allowed hunters to walk within yards of them and not taken off. The hunters had no clue the deer was even there. I've never killed any "trophy" deer with these methods but I have taken some deer that were trophies in my eyes. Sometimes I just like to go against the grain of commonly accepted knowledge.
  4. Dang that's a goofy looking buck in the group of 3. I've seen crab claws before but usually it's an extra point on that side, not a tine that matches up on the opposite. And that little sticker point off the left side g3 is pretty cool too. That bucks got some character
  5. I used to hunt there a few years ago. Maybe more than a few now that I think about it. There's no doubt that some big bucks have been taken there over the years but they aren't easy. It's sort of a best of times, worst of times kind of place. Deer are few and far between from what I hear now but amongst the few are some real wall hangers. I would love to get back there sometime.