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  1. Unfortunately I too was just a young man when we would make trips to Creekside. Still remember seeing 6-8 Winchester 88s NIB for $600! Of course 30 years that was impossible for me to swing. Bought a couple of guns there, but I didn't have that kind of money then.
  2. Have had one of those strapped to my daypack for 20 years. Use on the ground and on stands for extra cushioning or for cushioning on our older stands that just have a metal mech platform for a seat.
  3. Same here!! Had to be like Dad and the other men, so I bought an Ithaca 12 gauge Deerslayer in the mid 1980's-of course topped with a cheaper scope in a clamp on mount. Just the thing for a kid who hadn't shot much-a light weight 12 gauge that you had to rest your chin against the stock when you shot, and a scope with 3" of eye relief.That gun bruised me, the scope bounced off my forehead, and 5 shots would give me a headache. I too developed a terrible flinch that I battle until this day. Although I eventually bought a Rem 11-87 with a cantilevered barrel and a Leopold shotgun scope, and killed many deer with it, I gladly retired that when I received an Encore for Christmas in 2003, and in 2005, we were allowed to use rifles. I haven't shot a slug since. I was so happy my nephew was able to start his deer hunting career with a .243. I once did a recoil comparison-I believe I remember that Deerslayer was in the 32 ft-lb range-that's up there with .300 magnums!
  4. Actually, I used that years ago on a couple of deer. I probably wasn't doing it right, but I came with unbelievable weights. Probably should keep using for bragging purposes!!
  5. I about 99% sure Nosler made those Winchester ballistic Silver tips.
  6. That's just about what we have found in Tioga county and Bradford county- Pa.- at least the areas I hunt. We have probably weighed 50 does from those 2 states over the last 15 years. Our adult does tend to go 90-105, 110 to 118, and 125-130 field dressed. Never have we aged them, but you can almost age them by weight. Haven't weighed any that were heavier, although I suspect I shot one 25 years ago that might have pushed 145.
  7. Never have shot factory ammo in my 7mm-08. I have great success with Nosler 140 grain Ballistic Tips. I switched to the same weight Accubonds several years ago, when the chance of shooting a bear became a legitimate possibility in NY and Pennsylvania during deer season. Will
  8. I shot a 4pt on Opening Day- middle on Novenber-15 years ago or so. It ran about 75 yards after the shot into briars. When I found the deer it was 2pt. It lost the other side somewhere in the brush- nothing heavy in there like a tree to bump it on.
  9. I use the same products as I do cleaning rifles (this is for in lines shooting T7 or Blackhorn.) I think you'll find that what manufacturers recommend. i only get a chance to hunt one day a year with my Encore-the Sunday of MZ season. When I used it during the reg season, I would change it every 2-3 days. Like others said, I left in my truck or an unheated garage.
  10. I bought a pair of Kennetrek Northern PAC boots a few weeks ago. They were pricey (got them on sale at Midway) but so far so good-warmer than my Arctic Mucks and trim fitting for a PAC boot. Toughest test was 8 hours in 20 degree weather-good.
  11. Use Nosler Accubonds in everything-.30-06, .308, 7mm-08, .250 Savage and .243. Only recovered one bullet from a deer-penetration from the last rib forward to the loose skin on the front of the neck on a doe that dressed 127lbs. All other shots over the last 15 years have exited. I have at least one load that is MOA in all of those rifles, no reason to switch.
  12. I hunt in Pa. with family on their farm. It is actually great deer territory. They stop and have lunch everyday. I know that is primetime to be in the woods, but I still come if for lunch-catching up with them and a couple others who I only see during der season is worth losing some hunting time. Will
  13. I shot a 105lb dressed doe Saturday with my .250 Savage-mine is one of the bolt guns Savage made 10 years ago or so. Love that cartridge. Next up-my Savage 99 in .308-love that rifle. You have the best of both worlds Airedale-one of my bucket lists guns as well. Congrats on the deer and glad to hear your feeling better.
  14. I do if I want another deer. I always wait for 10-15 minutes before I get out of the stand-have a cup of coffee, etc. I do like to dress them out fairly soon after I shoot. If I want another deer, back to the stand, or if I would disturb others hunting with me, back to the stand even if I won't shoot another deer. If I am done and won't bother anyone, then I get out as soon as I can.
  15. Nomad-good looking stand. Do you mind sharing the brand and model?