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  1. Will_C

    Bucket List Rifle Acquired

    A factory drilled and tapped .250 is on my list as well. I picked up a Savage American Classic in .250 a few years ago, and I have a 1960 99 .308 featherweight. Like the .250 cartridge and like the 99. One day... Will
  2. Cut my rifle shooting and reloading teeth on a Ithaca .25-06 30 years ago. Belonged to my father, my brother and I still have it. Can't remember the load, except for using 87 grain Sierra Varminter. Shot less than an inch for a 5 shot group-rookie reloader and a beginning shooter. Sent many woodchucks to the promised land before I had to start buying other rifles. I don't feel it gets enough respect. I love my .222, .243, .250 Savage, and my deer rifles, but the .25-06 is about a perfect one rifle choice for any one hunting large varmints and deer. Will
  3. Will_C

    Dick’s stops selling guns at 125 stores

    That is just sad. I live in the Southern Tier and remember when Dicks in Binghamton and Vestal-when they just had the 2 stores-were some of the best places to buy guns. Big enough to have a selection, small enough to give service. I bought and traded numerous guns there. Will
  4. Will_C

    Rain Gear

    I got lucky and picked up the Cabelas MTO 50 on sale last year. Used it quite last deer season, and at some rainy football games. I was quite impressed. I think the regular price is close to $400, though. Will
  5. Will_C

    What you all think of this 7m 08 load?

    Never loaded a heavy bullet like that in a 7mm-08. My Nosler manual shows 35-39 grains of Varget with a 160 grain bullet. Will
  6. Looks interesting to me as a fun rifle to play around me-ample enough for deer yet a pleasure to shoot. Will
  7. Will_C

    Kimber rifles

    I have lusted after the Kimbers since they were introduced. My kind of rifle for my hunting-light, calibers like .257 Roberts, 7mm-08, .260, now the 6.5 Creedmoor, and attractive-yeah, I like good looking rifles. I hav heard just too many stories about function problems and poor accuracy. Don't know anyone who has had one, just internet comments-but when they cost 1,000 -1,200 dollars, and I don't need a deer rifle-I managed to pass them over. Will
  8. I will be scouting the back 30 acres of land we lease. Never have hunted that area much-it's wooded land that slopes into some swampy area. Also work up another load for my .250 Savage. Have a great load with Ballistic Tips but prefer using Accubonds. In Pennsylvania, my cousin had about 25 acres logged-almost a clear cut. We talked about putting a tower blind overlooking that up. Told him I would buy it if he would help put it up. Should be a good place for many years as it regenerates. Will
  9. It's not just lack of kids going out to make $$. I have a 65ish lady that lives next door. She has grandsons between 12-20 years old that live within half a mile of her. It would probably take 2 kids an hour or two to clear her drive and parking area. Guess who plows her out? Me and my tractor. I'd feel better if the kids were trying, hell I wouldn't let them struggle with it-I'd go over. It would make me feel better of they were out there though. The lady always offers to pay me, but I won't take anything. Will
  10. Will_C

    Hunting boots

    Muck Arctics from 15 degrees to 45. Below that Rocky PAC boots, above that Danner Pronghorns, 400 grams. Will
  11. Will_C

    Handgun carry while rifle hunting

    Only for NY residents. Others can't possess a handgun for any reason. Will
  12. I bought a crossbow this year-a Parker! I have plans on using it indefinitely, but now who knows! I did buy some bolts last weekend-I think I have 14 now. I plan on using it until it breaks-hopefully many years. i love guns, but the crossbow is just a tool for me-like my hunting knife. I've had that for 20 years and probably will never but another unless I lose it. Rifles-I have enough to carry a different one every day of the week. I have friends who are just the opposite-same rifle they have used since they were teenagers, but buy a new bow every other year. Will
  13. Will_C

    sum up your season!

    I shot my first deer with a crossbow-that was neat. Shot 2 doe in Pa. So I have some meat in the freezer. Didn't see a single buck.
  14. Will_C

    Knife Sharpening ?

    I use the Work Sharp tool. A couple of passes and my knives are sharp enough to shave. It cost a few dollars, but I enjoy having a sharp knife with 30 seconds of time. Just bought new belts after 5 years. Will
  15. Will_C

    Parker bows closing

    I just bought a Centerfire this fall. First crossbow and I like it a lot. I'll stop by the dealer and see what they think. Probably buy a string and cables if they have them, and some capture nocks. Really not happy about shelling out $750 on an orphan. Will