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  1. I took my on a rainy Sunday afternoon last summer just for the possibility of crossbow inclusion. Cost $30 and I sat through it while I watched a NASCAR race.
  2. Frost seeded an acre last Saturday. Kind of a maintenance seeding on a 4 year old plot.
  3. Will_C


    I have been loading since 1989. Can load .222, .223, .22-250, .243. .250 Savage, .25-06, .260, 7mm-08, .308, .30-06, and .357/.38.
  4. I have an idea for those who don't like winter. I have been thinking about buying a snow blower for my tractor and a snowmobile to play around on. If you would all send me some money, and I buy them, I guarantee they'll gather dust for the next 6 years!
  5. Congrats Jerry. I'm eligible for my penalty free pension 9/1/2022-have 30 years in. I'll have to start making some decisions and planning on what I want to do. Not sure what I'll do but it is a great option to have in your pocket.
  6. I am planning to have a house built next year and a transfer system is in the plans. My contractor tells me he hasn't built a house in the last 15 years without one. I kept my refrigerator, freezer, computer, TV, and a couple of lamps going during the 5 days we were without power due to flood of 2011 with a 2000 watt Honda generator. As I have electric thermal storage unit heat in this house, I haven't bothered with a larger generator as it wouldn't help me with heat in the winter-I'd need a 30,000 watt generator to charge them.
  7. I have had deer circle me within 15 yards on drives. I knew about it and could have shot them though-does when only bucks were legal.
  8. I went that the same thing in 2003. I wanted a ATV for hunting and occasional puttering around. Looked for a used for months, answering ad after ad. Finally broke down on New Year's Eve and bought a new Honda Foreman. It still sits in the garage, 17 trouble free years later. 17 years! Didn't realize it had been that long until I just typed it. Hope Lawdwaz's works as well for him!
  9. Scopes on a shotgun...a problem I'm glad I don't any more! My father had the side mount on an Ithaca Deerslayer. Worked well. I bought a Deerslayer myself and had a saddle mount. Wouldn't stay tight. I bought an 11-87 and had the top strap drilled and tapped-that wouldn't stay tight-not enough metal there. Replaced that with a cantilevered barrel. That worked well. I remember seeing a mount for a Remington that had was top based and attached by 3 screws on each side of the receiver, No experience with it but I thought it looked like it would work. I think a gunsmithing in Ilion that was l
  10. I'm an educator by profession, and firmly believe no on line course can compare to an in-person experience if it is a quality course and available. Unfortunately I know there was/is a lack of hunter education courses, and judging by everyone's comments, some lack of quality as well. I took the bow course last summer to be ready in case crossbows get full inclusion. It was merely something for me to check off-can't say I learned anything but I took it as an adult who has shot over 70 deer in my life and have been hunting over 40 years. I took a traditional classroom/shooting range course 4
  11. I took my archery course on line last summer for this exact reason.
  12. Real model of consistency. Never hit 50 homers in a year but managed 755 in his career.
  13. I can spend a lot of cold days watching either one. Much better than current movies.
  14. I have a Leupold Rifleman 3-9x on my Encore and it has worked well.
  15. It seems to be to me another niche cartridge for western hunters that have the talent and need to shoot 400-500 yards. No interest here-but someone may think they need it!
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