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  1. Will_C

    How many is to many?

    We hunt 155 acres-80 owned and the neighboring 75 leased. The surrounding properties have either no or low hunting pressure. We shoot anything we want to (and of course have tags for). We usually average 3-4 bucks and 5-6 doe. Deer are always there except for the last 3 weeks of gun season-they seem to hole up on the other properties. Usually we will kill 1-2 on the last weekend of rifle and MZ season .
  2. Will_C

    I'm a proud dad of an Eagle Scout!

    I'm a school principal-have been to several student's Eagle award ceremonies. I can tell you every one of those kids has went on to have successful lives. I even hired one of them to come back and teach for me. Congratulations.
  3. Will_C

    What's your ML load?

    110 grains T7 with a T/C 250 grain bonded Shockwave through a .50cal. Encore. I am about through with a pound of T7 I bought 10-12 years ago, thinking about trying Blackhorn 209-heard good things about it. I'll probably pick up a can and play around with it in the winter when there is nothing else to do. Will
  4. Will_C

    Would you support an early MZ season?

    I participate in the early muzzleloader season in Pa. because it is there. I wouldn't want to see one in NY. If the deer harvest needs to be increased, I would think that full inclusion for crossbows would be the first step. I am more of a gun hunter, but I enjoyed my first year with a crossbow. It was a peaceful feeling in the woods, I hope to more next year. Will
  5. Will_C

    New rifle.. What scope??

    I think I'd choose a Leupold 2.5-8 or the Zeiss 3-9x 36. Perfect for a light 7mm-08. Will
  6. Will_C

    Anyone still do drives?

    Hunted this way with my cousins in Pennsylvania for years. They own a 700 acre dairy farm and probably had permission to hunt double that acreage. Used to be about 15-20 of us. Until about 15 years ago, nobody stand hunted. We would meet in front of the barn at 7:30, do 3 drives in the AM, have lunch and then do 2 drives in the afternoon. We averaged close to 80% success on bucks, and close to 100% success filling the doe tags we had. I'll be honest, it was the most fun and exciting hunting I ever did. Pa. Antler restrictions and the fact that many of the surronding properties started to become off limits, as well as our age-I am the third oldest hunting there now-have made us all stand hunters. We still do well, but I miss the shouts of "buck coming your way", "2 doe headed to the briars"' etc. Will
  7. Will_C

    Why.....why do you stay?

    Hate the political climate and the SAFE act- but what little family I have is here, have 4 years to be fully vested in my pension, and am a creature of habit-never livee anywhere else. Still, the thought of a more conservative state appeals to me. May reconsider when I retire. Will
  8. Will_C

    Give King Andy your Facebook Password

    I don't use social media, but In general, that's one of the scariest ideas I have heard. Will
  9. Will_C

    First buck

    Killed a 8 point in 1995. Had killed probably 6-8 doe. Shot it from the same stand I have shot 4 of my best 5 bucks in my life from. 150 yard shot with a Remington 11-87 12 gauge Lightfield slugs. Not a shot I try today, but I was young!
  10. Will_C

    Changing your own oil

    I never had the oil changed on anything I owned until I bought 2 new Toyotas-a Tundra and a Camry. They both have the filter that is a replaceable element inside a housing. Don't have the special wrench needed-it's about $40, and I am reluctant to learn on a $35,000 truck. Still change the oil on the ATV, UTV, tractor, and a bunch of small engines. Will
  11. Will_C

    Confrontation with another Hunter

    Threads like this make me so happy I have private land to hunt! I do remember when I first starting to hunt, most private land was open to all. If you saw someone where you were heading, you simply went a few hundred yards and sat there.
  12. Will_C

    2018 HuntingNY Crossbow Harvest Thread

    Got my first crossbow deer last Sunday. 40 yard shot with my Parker Centerfire XXT. Double lung-trailed it 60-70 yards.
  13. Will_C

    rifle cant center in

    I'll just add to what has been said-I'd suspect something is loose-stock, fore end, scope base or rings. A pretty terrible barrel or muzzle would still keep a sighted in rifle on paper at 50 yards.
  14. Will_C

    Yes, I get these are lame, but....

    Will be carrying my Browning A-bolt II .30-06 some of the time-19 deer and a couple of coyotes so far. Will probably use a Savage American Classic .250 Savage the first day-no pictures of that.
  15. Will_C

    Getting ready for the 17th

    Absolutely ready to go! Rifles sighted in yesterday and today, trimmed a path to my stand, and clothes have been out for a month.