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  1. Good luck, I just put in myself tonight for it. It’s my fourth year applying. What’s crazy is I know a guy who got picked his second year and then another guy who’s been putting in close to 18 years. I guess this thing is pure luck in the drawing.
  2. What a great morning for hunting, was able to put down this doe. Hope everybody else is enjoying the day, this season has been difficult with the weather for me so far..
  3. I have to say that is impressive, just the idea of getting that close on the ground with the bow around these woods seems like a really difficult task. But I certainly give credit to those guys finding success with this tactic....
  4. Drew2255

    Scary stuff

    So to make a long story short some clown (and that’s putting it lightly) decided it was cool to let an arrow loose before legal shooting time. Make matters worse he almost hit another hunter. That hunter being a young kid out with his dad. Here’s the link to read the story https://forums.bowsite.com/tf/regional/thread.cfm?threadid=242312&messages=51&state=Ct Makes me think about wearing orange during bow season as well. Some people are just reckless...anybody wear orange during bow season?
  5. My buddy ran into two guys the past two days who are “stalking” deer while bow hunting. I thought this was kind of funny as he states he saw these guys walking all over. Eventually he got to talking with them and apparently they got “five deer” last year in westchester doing just that. I can understand maybe with the rifle doing this but with the bow it seems a little crazy. I know out west that it’s a different story but northeast stalking with a bow seems to me like an impossible odd... anybody here have success in the northeast slowly walking the woods with your bow and catching deer?
  6. Good luck to everyone, most importantly stay safe and have some fun, I’ll be at work but will check in routinely to see if there are any pics coming in...
  7. Man you know that must of hurt!!! I’ll be avoiding flaming shots as I don’t want to lose what hair I have left on my head! It’s Miller time for me...
  8. “Still fun to watch” I give you credit every time I watched a game I thought my blood pressure was through the roof. I walked out on two games because they were losing so bad by the third period. Theres only one place for this team to go this season and that’s up from last year. Funny part is the Rangers tanking last year got me into going to college hockey games, now that was a great experience.
  9. Just got a new job so opening day bow for me will be on the 6th. I have my spots all set to go though. One thing is for sure I’ll be looking over the forums to see whatcha guys are getting. So make sure you all post some pics...
  10. LGR!!! Not expecting much from them this year but should be fun to see some young talent trying to prove themselves to the organization/fan base. All in all I’m thrilled hockey is back on tho. It’s the one sport my girlfriend loves watching as much as I do and we don’t argue over what to watch when they are playing lol
  11. Can’t recall how many times I’ve gotten tripped up walking the woods at night over “unseen” objects and then taken a fall. I tend to just laugh about it and look around to make sure nobody witnessed how clumsy I just was. The best fall I had was walking to my stand one morning I stepped on a dam grouse that waited to the last second to flush. I twisted my ankle on the darn thing and then went flying forward onto some rocks and scraped my hands on them. That bird gave me a good scare followed by a good laugh later over breakfast with the guys...
  12. That’s a good looking mount you got there. It’s cool that you put it together as well. Enjoy it!
  13. Thanks for the feed back guys. I took this bear up in Maine last year. Im trying to recall her weight, think it was around 240-250 dressed. Not sure on the overall height of the mount just yet tho....
  14. I have to admit I wasn’t responsible in this capacity for a long time. I’ve been hunting for many years just like a lot of guys on this forum. I’ve just started using a harness. I don’t know what I was thinking all those years going up the tree without one on. Guess it has to do with the “young-invincible mentality”. I wear one now but feel somewhat lucky I never did take a fall. It should be a must every single time....