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  1. Dabills


    That works. I'm thinking if I were by myself I would bone out and pack it out.
  2. Dabills


    Now that's resourceful!
  3. Dabills


    I really need to hunt letchworth I'm only 30 minutes away. I'd probably Billy goat down to the bottom and wait for a 150+ because I'm not about to drag anything less back up to the top! Maybe next year....
  4. Passed decent 8 point cuz I'm after two particular deer and it's still early... saw a spike and a doe also 10 feet from me. Probably be back at it tomorrow evening!
  5. I got my phone on silent but it rings if people call twice in 15 minutes and freaking Amazon prime just called twice in 15 minutes while I'm in tree stand. Silenced it in a half a second hope it didn't blow up my spot.
  6. Awesome thanks. I don't have the 10 figured out yet but I know where the 8 goes later in the season... I'm going to try to get the 10 the first week of October and if I do I might let the 8 go until next year and focus on does and keeping the pressure down so they have a place to grow. The pressure surrounding my property is out of control but I've made a pretty decent buck sanctuary. I'd really like to see what that 8 turns into that rack is gorgeous.
  7. Thanks. If I get one I'll post it up in this thread for you guys.
  8. I would have a hard time passing them for sure. I passed that 8 last year and it looks like it doubled it got so wide. The only reason I would pass is to see what they could become. But I'm pretty certain I won't lol. Thanks for scoring I'm not too good at that.
  9. How old do you think these two guys are? I'm thinking 3.25. Next question what do you think the 8 would score? How about the 10? Would you shoot them? Thanks!
  10. My goodness look at that body. Looks like he's on steroids.
  11. Sunday I watched two bucks spar for half an hour in 8h.