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  1. Freezer is starting to get full !!! The buck was following a doe all the way down a tall hill towards me, she crossed upwind in front of me going to the bottom after I used the grunt tube to try and get the buck to change direction. It seemed as if she was very interested in the grunt and investigating it, the buck wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. He ultimately followed her path reluctantly and I double lunged him 15 yards away. Clear pass through, no blood at shot sight, only fur and I couldn’t find arrow. Went about 40 yards. I don’t think I would’ve gotten a shot without using that grunt tube, which I very rarely use. I also used it on the way in to mimic a buck thrashing through the woods and I had 2 bucks come investigate in the dark. Had I not done that I would’ve never made it to this spot because of the wind, without blowing a ton of deer out. Shot around 8,8:15 November 8. Not the biggest rack but plenty of meat and man that was an exhilarating hunt!
  2. The deer I shot yesterday I double lunged and there was no blood at point of shot it was weird. It zipped right through I couldn’t find arrow either! Deer went about 40 yards and it looked like a massacre where it died. Similar shot angle to yours but I shot slightly lower, here is the exit wound:
  3. Yeah solid buck, that doe looks real messed up like it fell off a cliff after you shot it lol.
  4. Great thread guys, thanks for sharing. Congratulations to all who had success!
  5. I witnessed woods and fields today from my vantage point in the woods I saw some in field.
  6. Bowhunting is difficult! Makes it that much sweeter when we have success
  7. I'm getting action in 8g even missed a buck low after misjudging range Edit : also heard one going through brush that sounded like a freight train but didn't lay eyes on it
  8. Saw 5 bucks so far 4 points and small 6, and 1 mature doe. I think they're checking her. Watched her walk up to a stand I put up 2 months ago and smell the steps and look up in the seat 20 feet up. I've never sat there! Wtf! I'm towards the bottom of a hill and getting concerned about thermals, throwing milkweed like crazy hope the wind picks up or I gotta get out of here
  9. Lmao that's great. But unlike HIM I hope you get a win I'm up right now getting ready for an all day sit in the best pinch point between bedding I've got. Hope today is the day! Good luck to you I'll be watching for updates
  10. I went out on a scout sit far away two days ago just to observe. Saw nothing. I'm diving in head first for an all day sit on Sunday.
  11. What's everyone seeing lately
  12. Yeah that is getting old!! Give me some west please
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