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  1. How About Some Rain

    Maybe we should Try this
  2. What's for dinner tonight?

    I ate most of them before i took the picture biz
  3. Anchorage Alaska

    Cool reminds of the time i went to Yellowstone every where you looked you saw game i saw in the same day grizzly elk deer sheep and bison .
  4. To be honest i could get away with just using my 11/87 for everthing . For a number of reasons 1 closest zone i hunt is shotgun only 2 because it is shotgun only a lot of guys avoid it and go elsewhere less hunters to deal with ,3 makes it easier to switch from hunting from big game in early morning to small game midday and back if i want to . Ruger 10/22 Weatherby mark v
  5. If they can make robots that can go where a soldier can go and carry your stuff with them so you dont have to .and reduce the recoil of a larger cal like 308 . It is only logical they will go to a larger caliber. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what they're working on .
  6. I think it will happen in the future if or when they figure out a way to reduce the recoil of something like a 308 and be able to get soldiers to carry the same amount of ammo probably with the use of robots .
  7. Maybe they are working on way to reduce the recoil of the 308 as well . You no with them if they announce something now could be years before they get it ready for development who knows.
  8. My guess is they are going to start using robots that follow you around and carry your ammo for you . could be the reason they are thinking of stepping up to heaver ammo not as big of a deal if you have a pack robot close by carrying your stuff for you.
  9. He here the army is thinking about going to 308 cal any truth to this . Good or bad ? What do you think
  10. Anchorage Alaska

    That looks amazing
  11. Well this is one battle i will be staying out of . How about them crossbows
  12. What's for dinner tonight?

    Lamb shank
  13. What's for dinner tonight?

    Fried calimri