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  1. Storm914

    Would you shoot a sleeping lion?

    All I'm going to say is hunters are sometimes are own worst enemy we need to stand together as one or little by little the left and anti groups will destroy are sport altogether, every one needs to respect everyone else's way of hunting .If I want to shoot lion or deer or what ever with my take down rifle I like to carry in my backpack that's my business , or what ever weapon you use . Or shoot my lions sleeping thats my business . Or use what ever it happens to be to hunt with . All the infighting just is dirt the anti hunters will use against all of us in the end . When one hunter says something bad about another hunters methods you can be sure that there is a anti hunter ready to use that against us all . Poor hunters need to suport rich hunters and rich hunters need to respect poor hunters , Or all hunting and hunters will suffer in the end if we don't.
  2. Ge make a gun that cost 2x more then most name brand gun makers that have been around for 100 years . Great idea
  4. her background is Christian Lebanese, they have been in constant war over there with those muslims for 1000 years bring lots of them here more then likely that war will spill over to here sooner or later . "Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It."
  5. Storm914

    WTH is this?

    Do you have a son or daughter named B or nicknamed b or maybe with the first name starting with a B . Sounds like he is saying he knows your kids .
  6. Storm914

    Would you shoot a sleeping lion?

    I could care less if someone wants to blow 30k or 40k .To get a lion in africa . Besides it goes to conservation efforts over there or who would want lions living next to there land if there not making money from them .
  7. Jeanine Pirro nationalilty is Christian Lebanese and the muslims pretty much killed all the Christians in the middle east or kicked them out people seem to forget that talk to any middle eastern Christian and they will tell you this sad fact of history that we in the west are never taught in schools about. Middle eastern Christian's think we are naive for letting them come here. They think what happened to them will someday happen to us if there numbers here grow .
  8. I personally believe the left in this country has been infiltrated by foreign enemy agents, who are using the left to try and destabilize this country when you look at what the left promotes in this country it is the only thing that makes sense .when you think about it nobody who really loves this country can actually believe most the BS they try and push on us lately . Unless you are totally Clueless or hate this country . AOC Clueless, Bernie Sanders enemy of the USA . Funny they tried to call trump this when its obvious who really is working for a foreign power and it is not trump .
  9. Storm914


    It's been cold we just lucked out that it happened to warm only when precipitation was happening just enough to turn the snow to rain . Right after the temperature dropped.
  10. Storm914

    Multi shot assault crossbow

    Well there you go , it's all politics, in the end more guys want to just hunt what ever is the best stuff they can afford. Then just want a challenge and be limited by regulations. But hasn't hunting always been this way? Even when there was no compound bows . Hunters who could afford it would always go out and buy the best recurve they could afford best camo and any gizmo that was said to help them get that big buck . Only thing that stops progress is regulation and regulation is a lot of the times dictated by poll numbers what things are going to please the most hunters or help sell more licenses. Or what ever objective government agencies are trying to achieve.
  11. Storm914

    Multi shot assault crossbow

    There is still part of the archery season only open to traditional and compound bow anyway so I don't see a big deal maybe later down the line things may need to be regulated more but it's to early to tell really.
  12. Storm914

    Multi shot assault crossbow

    It's all theory and speculation. Until DEC can collect data of people using these things . So the logical thing to do is just wait let them be used and then if there is problem regulate it if necessary. This is what they should have done first with the crazy limits on draw weight and limb width restrictions. Which especially on recurve crossbows make know sense .
  13. Storm914

    Multi shot assault crossbow

    I feel the same way unless someone can show some data that it does something bad like cause guys to wound deer with out killing them because of them being able to take a fast second shot but You have to allow it first to prove that anyway . I wouldn't change regulations until there is data to support any negative claim about that thing .
  14. Storm914

    Multi shot assault crossbow

    Yep old Chinese idea but now with better optics and stronger lighter materials , what do you think nybuckhunter should it be banned from archery season Or not ?
  15. Storm914

    Multi shot assault crossbow

    Probably, and this is only generation 1 of that product. More then likely they will come out with faster ways to cock that thing later on with more power and accuracy then this version. This is only the beginning.