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  1. Footage from a scary hole....

    When I saw that title I thought someone was making a joke about there x girlfriend or something .
  2. What Is Wrong With People Today

    The gun grabbers will not stop they ban one type of gun and as soon as someone uses some other type they will go after that it never ends .
  3. Deer Sightings

    I dont get why in the world someone who hunts would complain about seeing to many deer ? I rather see alot and know there out there then see nothing and try hunting when I never see any on the off season in that area .
  4. That was a bad move He's basically admitting he's a criminal he could be kicked out of office for saying that technically.
  5. Deer Sightings

    You could just go to the grocery store and buy more meat wolf it would be much easier crossbow is not this magical weapon that is going to guarantee you a deer even with a longer season if you are not getting anything now anyway.
  6. Deer Sightings

    Funny how that goes seems like you always see more around when you are not hunting and it is not hunting season . I think the smart ones can sense when humans are hunting them and avoid us . The question is how exactly sent body language Are movements may be they even recognize when we have weapons in are hands it means danger?
  7. Just speculating since they have been here 400 years and not spread far north in all that time tells me they have tuff time in colder climates . Especially with human hunting. Maybe with out human hunting it would be a different story. Other introduced species like the European starling have spread over all north American in only 100 years for example .
  8. If you look at where they are most on a map in this country it is in the warmer parts of the country hogs got introduce here first by the Spanish about 400 years ago in Florida and since that time seems like they just we're not able to spread throughout the whole USA . Either because of climate or hunting or both maybe in colder climates between less food and less cover for them to hide from hunters they have a tuff time spreading north. That is why i think claims of them getting out of country here like they do in the south are probably exaggerated. Between the weather and just more hunting and less places for them to hide I doubt they would spread like crazy like they do down south. I mean we already saw the ones that got introduced to the wild here by accident where easily eliminated by DEC already.
  9. I thought that was a joke when I first heard that the other day . Very sad that guy will do anything to get votes even if it destroys this state looks like .
  10. Well really I wanted to know if the could surviving the Big Woods in the Adirondacks . With out depending on raiding the farmlands that border the park up there. Maybe not since I have not seen anything about that .
  11. Yea I saw that before. But are they still out there or did they get them all Any recent trail cam pictures Around of them .
  12. I don't trust them it is on more then one news outlet
  13. Yea your right Can't find any recent sightings up there . Wondering if they got them all .
  14. All year hog crossbow hunting you would love it if they did wolf think of all that Bacon
  15. Just a hypothetical question If they introduced hog in the middle of the Adirondacks would they survive .And if so do you think they could be managed with hunting and trapping to have very little environmental impact . And yea I know this will never happen . But could it work if it did ?