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  1. Storm914

    What is there to hunt near las vegas ?

    If it comes down to eating a horse or starving to death yea I would too .that goes with out saying but to go out west to hunt one when you got money to buy food no way !!! would I hunt one No thanks .
  2. Storm914

    What is there to hunt near las vegas ?

    Horses have no racks dont think there are many people in north America starving enough to bother hunting them anyway even if it was legal So your saying you would actually eat and hunt a horse wolfc123 ?
  3. It's like the lawyer for this lady is delaying hoping someone else will be dumb enough to lie for her and risk going to jail for perjury.
  4. Storm914

    What is there to hunt near las vegas ?

    Believe it or not they hunt along this road saw signs said hunting only no target shooting.
  5. Lady donatas money to Democrats she is a fantic . Lady has no proof the people she said were there said they either dont remember any party or said it never happened. Ladys lawyer is delaying. Congress does not have the power to arrest people for rape .that's the local cops job .
  6. (No I get it) but not in this lady's case when she has been donating 1000s of dollars to Democrats and gets a expsive lawyer that keeps delaying her from testifying. And before reporting said crime to the cops first . This hearing is not a different from a criminal investigation or a criminal court of law . The only thing that could happen is it's a crime to lie under oath to Congress. She obviously she if she is bull s ing will want not to testify doing exactly what she is doing . If she wants justice she is going about it the wrong way only a prosecutor can convicted this judge of a crime . Not Congresses job . Cops arrest people prosecutors brings the case to court for a trial if there is evidence. Which there is not . The democrats are making a joke out of are legal system with this .
  7. This would be a big deal now days , back then not even talked about This crazy girl at my high school smacked my ass one time when I was freshman 15 and she was a senior 17 18 years old if you ask me her name or even what she looked like now some 30 years later I dont have a clue anymore cant remember but I do remember the hallway and high school it happened at . See where I'm going with this . She does not remember any of that . So why should this poor guy be subjected to this abuse with abusulty no proof . And why should she get to decide when and how she testifies about it ? She could be thinking of someone else for all we know people look different over time.
  8. Storm914

    UN backs Soros

    Not sure about that , as the old saying goes keep your friends close and your enemies closer.