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  1. Storm914

    Hypothetical Question.....

    I would think not, Hyenas are like wolfs on steroids .
  2. Storm914

    NY Limo Ban coming?

    Well guess there is always the bus .
  3. Storm914

    Lost a hunting partner today

    Cynthia Sorry for your loss 
  4. Interesting article I found .
  5. Yes and none would hire a low testosterone low masculine body guard that's for sure. There all jacked up .
  6. Bet you any money the guys who wrote that all sound like some one is squeezing their nuts . Talk about biased junk science right there . If men did not act like men there would be no people on earth !! We would have gone extinct long ago .
  7. Psychologists call 'traditional masculinity' harmful This is just crazy
  8. Storm914

    New world record non typical

    You Go out of state go shoot a grizzly a elk a mule deer mountain goat or anything not found in NY . Just to shoot whitetails don't think so .
  9. Storm914

    New world record non typical

    Maybe he got it from china then they clone everything else now, why not monster bucks lol
  10. Storm914

    New world record non typical

    Black market possibly?
  11. Storm914

    New world record non typical

    Does Every state have those rules ?
  12. Storm914

    New world record non typical

    I wonder if anyone asks when people show up with those monsters like that . Some one with a few dollars could just buy one of those monsters dump it in there back yard near a good food source so the deer has no reason to go far and shoot it . And claim he shot it free range with a straight face because technically he did . Even though it was born and raised in captivity before being released.
  13. Storm914

    New world record non typical

    Just a question FSW what's to stop someone from buying a deer from you and dropping it in someones back yard near a good food source and shooting it then claiming it's a record wild deer just because he shot it after being released from a high fence deer farm ?
  14. Dancing and bowing like you are about to kiss another mans junk are to different things my friend. Both sides Democrat Republican are other allies say this We need those Saudis as a counter to iran . But you dont have to bend over like you are about to Lick the kings Lollipop as Obama clearly did in that video. See the difference