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  1. Flu Shots.. Opinions..

    I think flu shots and if you should get them is a complex question . It depends on your health age and even geneics. If you have a family history of people getting really sick or dying from the flu it is probably a good idea to get it . If you don't have a family history of anyone getting really sick from the flu . I think your better off letting your immune system do it's job on its own .
  2. How not to big woods hunt

    I think these guys are trying to figure out a way to make money off of making YouTube videos but so for looks like it is a fail.
  3. How not to big woods hunt

    Probably the worst attempt at hunting ever filmed or fake hunting looks like .
  4. How not to big woods hunt
  5. What's your dream outdoor trip?

    A Drop hunt in Alaskan
  6. explain this to me I see leftist media always claiming they are more educated but how is that even possible if there base are usally coming from inner city ghettos by there own words that have bad Educational Systems ?
  7. The deep state is no joke
  8. O yea I can believe it its all most a open Secret even on Wikipedia it even says Anderson Cooper worked for the cia before getting the news job and now he is on cnn from what I understand once your in the cia its for life . .
  9. I saw them on eBay for around $300 pcp compressors coming from China . They work but I think the setup and maybe maintenance is an issue with them i saw one video review on YouTube about it
  10. Thats why i got the carbine pistol version. My prod has only a 60cc tank to fill not that hard to fill I think if I get a new pcp gun with a bigger tank more then say 120 cc I may have to get a scuba tank or get a compressor but probably the next Pcp gun i will be buying is the fx independence it has a built in pump .
  11. One of the hospital's in my area actually had to close down because of all the illagels showing up at the emergency room they went bankrupt . These are story's the left you never here about in the news from them so that's one less place a poor person here legally can go for help . Thanks to illagels. And lets not even talk about schools being overrun with them in some areas . That is less time per student for those here legally. Then there is the crime I could go on but you get the picture and it is the poor who will suffer the most because of it, the very people supposedly the left is supost to be helping . .
  12. Personally I think anyone here legally should be for better standards of who comes here and deporting illagels especially if your a poor person , Why because bringing in more poor people means less help for the poor here legally there are only so many resources to go around.
  13. Gun care and maintenance

    I have used hopes and rem oil never had a problem and never took them apart either .
  14. Hit the hard water

    Im freezing just by looking at those pictures