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  1. Storm914

    Chemung county buck

    Deer looks like has moose gentics nice
  2. Storm914

    Tag Question for LI

    ular Season Deer Tag Antlered Deer Only Exceptions: Antlered or Antlerless During the regular season in Westchester Co. and during any season in Suffolk Co. In Areas restricted to longbow hunting only During late season (with bow or muzzleloading privilege)
  3. Storm914

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Rice pilaf and calamari
  4. Definitely a bigfoot maybe looking for a mate
  5. Storm914

    Shot through the neck.

    Hydrostatic shock probably
  6. Storm914

    Confrontation with another Hunter

    Someone should add that in big bold letters in the DEC hunting rule book NO Squatting on public land !!!!
  7. Storm914

    Confrontation with another Hunter

    Bazaar if your there your there already its public land first come that day gets the spot . No reservations on state land No homesteading on public land.
  8. Storm914

    Confrontation with another Hunter

    This happened in the catskills?
  9. Storm914

    Antler restriction

    Just my theory dont know if you can ever prove this but , AR's may make bigger bucks that then just get taken out by people hunting illegally. So that's why most guys dont see much of a difference in those areas anyway. You are better off asking people to do it voluntarily.
  10. Storm914

    Antler restriction

    Dont know what to tell you if its that important to you consider buying better land some place else . I mean if hunting big bucks was easy you would not have whole industry and people paying thousands of dollars to do it . It is what it is
  11. Storm914

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Salmon with pasta
  12. Storm914

    Antler restriction

    If your hunting on private land how do you know these spikes are getting shot ? Like the idea of Self imposed AR as a good idea but forced I just dont like that idea at all , And its not really necessarily the big ones are out there .
  13. Storm914

    State land challenge let's see some pictures

    I wrote about it you most of missed the thread was there only a day and half . Good time not enough time though .