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  1. I got this from another website. I support ted so felt this might be of interest to some. On this site I may be one of the only supporters I don't know . Sit's in tree's - I never heard he was a draft dodger you may be right. Who knows ? http://www.glennbeck.com/2012/04/26/watch-ted-nugent-tells-the-full-story/
  2. If you love your property do yourself a favor & thoroughly research which ever company you choose.. A lot of realy bad contractors in that line of work. I would suggest asking lumber mills. Your in Delaware county so maybe check Quaility Hardwoods in Sidney or Whightmans lumber in portlandville they may be able to point you in the right direction. Good Luck !
  3. I bet if you did a survey on who's buying these type gun's you would find it is the younger generation. I think the reason is tv & these video games. When ever I talk to younger people about going to a range or target shooting their own property & ask what they are shooting it always seems to be one of the assault type/black gun which I believe come mainly in the calibers you have listed.
  4. After reading your post I took a trail cam and gave it a try.
  5. Does anyone remember the black bear mount at frontier town ? ( Adirondacks) I thought that was a massive bear ? But I was a kid the last time I was there. It was when you walked into the gift shop area I think ?
  6. I always said if I was in a shotgun only area I would use my muzzle loader.(if allowed) I have heard the reason for no rifles is because it's very flat out there I guess & their fear is bullet travel ? There is no reason that a muzzle loader can't be as effective as a rifle. They have come a long way.
  7. max3


    I used to agree with you. When I lived in Orange County ticks could carry you away. Up until this year up here in the Oneonta area I would see little to no ticks but that is changing. I dug one out of my back the other day after running my dog & had two more this past fall not to count the ones I have found crawling on me. I would consider myself a high risk candidate as the majority of my time is spent outside with work or daily training with my dog. i have heard a lot of people complaining lately in this area. Start checking yourself a little better in the upstate area's.
  8. I remember as a kid a friend was going to shoot a crow. But before he did he called his dad & said that he was going to shoot a crow & would it be alright to eat it.............. his father replied if you eat a crow don't ever come home again !
  9. SOB go easy with these guy's they are a rowdy bunch ! LOL! Myself being an anti as they put it for disagreeing with them. A knucklehead also . However sit's did apologize & I think on my end I will cut him some slack & except his apology as I know he is just frustrated with the current situation. Relax, Relax, gun & X-gun people one day you will have all the seasons.Probably sooner then you think.
  10. Is this where the hippies ended up settling ? I remember seeing them on the news as a kid at the Haight in the late 60's
  11. max3

    outdoor news

    Perhaps have the youth hunt on the first two days of regular firearm season . ( sounds like I don't care about the gun guy's) or the last weekend of the archery season. There is a plus to both scenerio's . The deer are in the rut so should not effect them to much & the youth will see a lot of deer.(hopefully) Archers will still have the week before firearm season to get it done.
  12. How's this ? Rather then accuse someone of being ignorant . End perhaps with "we will all have our own opinions.
  13. To who other crossbow shooters ? or in your effort to make others see you as being correct in your beliefs ? I am not calling you a knucklehead . I just don't agree with you.
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