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  1. Fellow coastie here stationed in VA. I hunt upstate every year with family in 4W. Also hunt on Long Island. Feel free to pm any questions. Best of luck!
  2. I have onX and really like it. It’s great being able to see property boundaries and ownership. I drop waypoints all the time for both fishing and hunting. Go on and they sometimes have the premium onX membership for $60 a year.
  3. The college itself allows deer hunting on some of its lands. They have info on their website. Have to fill out a few forms and stuff but could be worth it. I’ve never hunted up there just heard about it.
  4. Thanks for all the responses guys. Once I get my tax returns I’m gonna buy the optima and put a Leupold scope on it. Do you guys use a lower magnification than 3x9 40mm? I was thinking possibly 2x7 with a good amount of eye relief.
  5. Do you get a preference point for applying for a hunt or only by buying the point? Also do they make you front the license cost when you apply? Thanks
  6. There are Sitka deer in certain counties of both Maryland and Virginia. Mostly in Dorchester county, Maryland. I have not hunted them but have seen a small female Sitka at a wildlife refuge in VA. (They are very small deer) I recommend going thru an outfitter in Maryland. They have baited stands on tons of acres of private property. Public land from what I heard is very tough. You would need waders, kayak/canoe to get to most places out on the marshes and would need a climber. If you want to do public I recommend getting a permit at the Blackwater Refuge and hunting there. They have an archery and gun season. But like the rest of Maryland the bugs and heat in September and October is brutal. Best of luck and I am always happy to answer any more questions.
  7. I have been doing some research on muzzleloaders and after reading reviews online and going to stores and looking at a few I have really liked the CVA Optima. Before I go ahead and purchase one I had a few questions. - has anyone had issues with the firing pin with the Optima? I read online a few people had some problems. - will I need a different breach plug for BH209? - what bullets/loads do you guys recommend with the CVA Optima? -Nitride barrel vs stainless steel? Thanks!
  8. Late to the thread but I’m stationed down on the eastern shore of Maryland and do quite a bit of deer hunting there. Lots of public land that’s usually empty during archery season at most places. Mosquitos and horse flies are terrible I highly recommend a thermacell. Gun season down here is way too crowded on public lands but if you go out on the last week of gun there’s much less people in the woods. I shot a doe on the last day of the gun season here. There are giant deer but they are mostly taken off of private land farms. A guy I work with shot a 16 point buck off his farm on opening day of gun season this year.
  9. I don’t know anyone with 10+ acres of private so I will be hunting public grounds. @squirrelwhisperer
  10. With the upcoming January deer season on LI and special parts of upstate, I was wondering what everyone’s strategies are. I’ve been hunting LI during the shotgun season the past couple years and have yet to have any success. In the past I have tried still hunting in areas where I am the only hunter in the woods. But I am starting to think trying areas like Rocky Point with tons of hunters in the woods kicking up deer I might get more chances. With all the rules and restrictions on LI during January (hunting standby after sunrise)I was just wondering what some of the guys who have been successful are trying and doing. Thanks and safe hunting!
  11. I was always interested in hunting this DMFA area in January but since I have family on LI I usually just hunt there with the shotgun during January. You can at least shoot a buck down there instead of just does.
  12. I know exactly where this is and go duck hunting there frequently. Guess I’ll have to be more careful when I park my truck
  13. Does anyone know if your odds of selection for your second choice dmp is the same as the first choice?
  14. Thanks for the replies! I will have to check it out in January.
  15. I was thinking of deer hunting in January out at Montauk State Park on standby. It looks like there are only a few spots available for deer hunting there. Does anyone have any experience hunting there? How does it compare to Hither Hills? I know they allow duck hunting there during the year and I would think that might scare the deer away with all of the waterfowl hunters. Also how does the check station out there compare to Ridge check station? I’ve hunted standby before but never out east. Any info would be great! Thanks