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  1. I have a 16ft John boat I take out on the south shore. I’ve done some party boats out of Montauk and Hampton Bays which was a good time
  2. I was recently stationed on the eastern shore and regularly hunted Maryland public. I had a tough time and only took one doe in 3 years there. It sounds like you hunted the late rifle season. That time of the year can be really tough. The deer have been pushed and hunted hard after the November gun season and December muzzleloader season. I think you would have better luck hunting early season archery in September in MD. The bucks can be patterned if you know what field they are visiting. Feeders would be good too early season
  3. January shotgun was slow for me. Spent a good amount of time in the woods but never really had any great chances. Saw some small does and a spike that shed on one side, couldn’t get a shot off.
  4. I have a 20 gauge rifled mossberg 500 that took me a while to get sighted in. After many shots I was able to get it so that I aim -2inches at 50 for a bullseye hit and then aim +2 inches at 100 yards for bullseye. I also own a 50 cal muzzleloader that was very easy to zero at 100 yards. I much prefer the accuracy of the scoped muzzleloader to that of my rifle sighted shotgun. Also stay away from lead sleds with slug guns. They cause a lot of barrel hop and make all your shots shoot high. When I sighted in the shotgun I just used a rest and firm downward pressure on the forearm of the gun.
  5. I just sent them an email. Thanks for the info!
  6. Next year I would like to go on at least one out of state hunt. I’ve been talking to a guy in Oregon who offers DIY cow elk hunts on private. If I don’t do that I would like to go to NH for a baited bear hunt.
  7. I haven’t taken one on Long Island yet but from what I’ve seen the past couple years in January the first couple weeks are best. After that the deer get extremely spooked and are constantly running. I usually go out solo and just still hunt. With all the standby rules and having to be back by 30mins after sunset it is really tough to sit in a tree stand since you can’t really hunt sunrise and sunset times which are best.
  8. NY is a 2 buck state. Lots of different DMP tags to shoot does but only 2 bucks can be taken. 1 during regular season and 1 either during archery or muzzleloader. If you buy the archery and muzzleloader privilege you are entitled to 1 buck and 1 antlerless.
  9. If anyone still needs a 3M DMP for muzzleloader season I will happily mail mine.
  10. I’ve run into hikers many times during January firearms season on LI. It is frustrating. I do try to to think that they are at least moving deer around. I wonder if there is less hikers/bikers etc. the farther East you go on LI during archery and gun?
  11. Lots of good info above. My advice would be to keep at it. November is the best time to be in the deer woods. Watch your wind at all times. If you can find the does I’m sure the bucks won’t be far away with the rut starting soon. Looks for active scrapes and rubs bucks should be cruising scrapes.
  12. I too face the dilemma of being right handed and left eye dominant. For that reason I have just stuck to using my crossbow. I’m interested to find out from other guys who have this problem if they just shoot a bow right handed or learn to shoot left handed
  13. I have duck hunted here in the past and can tell you that you will not be the only deer hunter here. Walking thru the woods I saw a ladder stand up last year and the year before a ground blind. This place gets hit hard by waterfowl hunters. If you do hunt here I recommend during a weekday.
  14. Like others have said I would find a way to get up in a tree stand. Or at least use a ground blind or a homemade blind with burlap. Hunting deer from the ground is extremely difficult especially for someone just starting out. If you use a blind make sure to brush it in with natural cover, deer will notice it. Definitely watch the wind and don’t ever be upwind of a place you expect deer to be. This includes your walk into the woods. Best of luck!
  15. Fellow coastie here stationed in VA. I hunt upstate every year with family in 4W. Also hunt on Long Island. Feel free to pm any questions. Best of luck!
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