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  1. Correction:Jim Borden. Also, I saw a post about cliques. I agree , and that is common on these forums. They gang up on people sometimes. It’s worse when one of them is overly sensitive or you oppose them. Very immature and childish. They will be the cause of their own undoing. Lol. I laugh at idiots like that. Enjoy Pennsylvania, you are surrounded by lots of game lands in the State College area. Say good riddance to NY with no regrets. It has become the People’s Republic of NY. Best decision you’ve probably ever made. Nothing wrong with becoming a Keystoner as I call us.
  2. Congratulations, enjoy your move to PA. I sold my NYC home and kept my home in the Poconos. I live in Florida but couldn’t totally give up the northeast because it is in my blood. Even upstate NY I still go to. The Adirondacks, Thousand Islands, Lake George, Catskills,Finger lakes, Lake Ontario, Lake Champlain, Niagara’s Falls, etc.,etc.,etc. Heck I still love visiting NYC. But the northeast mountains are magnificent. And Pennsylvania is part of it. I used to ride my Harley out by State college and Williamsport. You may want to become a member of the world renowned Williamsport gun range . Allegheny forest is beautiful also. So enjoy life as a Keystoner. You lucky devil. Pennsylvania is where inland America starts. I’ll be up in October for the foliage for a couple of weeks. I can’t wait. You made a great decision. And you can still visit beautiful New York State for fun. PS. There are some great custom rifle builders in PA. Ed Borden will not be too far from you. Borden actions are among the best made. He is a master.
  3. Update: I've found a few more places with 325wsm ammo. List to date: Double Tap Ammo, Hendershots, Wisconsin Cartridge, Selway, Copper Creek, Pendleton, PCI, Nosler, Hornady. There are others and a couple of them you might have to do a back order. Do a thorough search on the internet and there probably are a few more. Be safe. Happy hunting.
  4. In the early 80's we used to hunt private land(with permission) in the Catskills. It became dangerous. I almost got shot twice. So we went to Adirondacks and hunted Indian Lake (Moose River Recreation/Cedar River). Just go on public land . Adirondack Park is the largest designated wilderness park in the country. The Poconos in Pennsylavania has an extremely high concentration of game. Allegheney forest is great too. Some times it's worth getting a non resident and driving down to PA. Plenty of designated game lands throughout the state.
  5. I got a 325wsm Kimber. Nice rifle. Their service leaves a lot to be desired though.
  6. Can't go wrong with a lever action in the northeast. Out to 150 yards(even 200/LeverEvolution) the 30-30 works great. Marlin,Winchester,Henry,Uberti. They are not as accurate as bolt rifles but good enough for short range work. 45-70 nice for short range too.
  7. So anyone still own a 325wsm rifle? I still own both of mine. I always laugh at some people who give opinions when they don't own a firearm that shoots the caliber. Any how my Kimber 8400 SuperAmerica and Browning Abolt titanium kick butt. They are thumping game out to 600 yards. Dead on their feet is more like it. Although not on the shelves I have no problem finding components for reloading that shoot 1/2 MOA. I even find loaded ammo on the internet. The rifles are not being made too much although a couple still are here and there. One day if I wear out my barrels I may convert to 300wsm for it looks like that caliber will survive(a simple barrel switch). I may not, for I have plenty of brass and there are enough good 8mm bullets out there. I'll decide when I come to that point in time.I like to check periodically just to remind 325wsm owners to feel good about their uncommon caliber. As it turns out deviating from common(and few) calibers didn't turn out so bad for me. Hope you 325 guys have been enjoying your rifles. I added muzzle brakes and the recoil is like a 30-06.
  8. Wsm cases are pretty beefy(2.10 length- .555 head). Not many cases that fat if at all. 65-70 grain loads in such a short case - I’d say that qualifies as magnum. Yes we do get back to the ole standards. Prior to both my 325s I only shot 30-06,30-30,.22lr, and 12 gauge. I was looking for an Elk, moose, big bear rifle that shot with more energy and flatter in a light package. The 325 wsm surely accomplished that criterion. Got more than double the 30-06 in ft. Lbs of energy at 500 yards.Although I got to admit, I let my self be sold a bit-lol. Your point is well taken. On the other hand the 325 is a highly underrated caliber. Besides always great to find reasons to accumulate more beautiful firearms. Even if the marketers did see me coming from a mile away(LOL). I rationalize that the 325 got me into reloading- another fantastic hobby that is gratifying and therapeutic.

  9. AHHH just for the record the 30-30 has put more venison on the table than any other round(probably). For short range (150 yards) you can't beat it. Even to 200 if you know the drop. 44 magnum in winchester 94 will do it good to 100 yards if you are in real heavy brush .I'd stick with the 30-30. If you anticipate longer than 150 to 200 lever actions are not the best choice. The tube magazine affects accuracy. They are not known for tight groups. I own 2 Marlins in 30-30 and a Winchester 44 magnum(I shoot all 3 off hand). I love them. Might get a 45.70 too.
  10. Years ago in the 80's I used to hunt in the Catskills and Adirondacks. Did you ever get the 325? I own 2 and they are great rifles. The caliber is ideal for Moose and Elk. It is flat shooting and sends a 220 grain pill nearly 2800fps. Many guys in the North west,Alska and open country kick but with the caliber. It is  a lightweight rifle that accompanies the cartridge and shoots as good as a 338 win mag. Some guys use it for Brown Bear and cape Buffalo also. Non belted case also. Easy reloading.The 325wsm is not very popular but many love it. Hendershots,Nosler,Double Tap Ammo all have ammo.Others too. It is expensive but available. There are enough 8mm bullets. Woodleigh,Barnes,Sierra,Nosler and more. If you have gotten a 325 you will find everything on the internet. Woodleigh even has 250 grain bullets and data for the cartridge.This caliber rocks and if I ever burn out the barrels I will get new ones. I put brakes on mine cause i'm gettin older. Wish I didn't cause they loosen my scopes and the recoil was never really that bad. I overcompensated.

  11. Update- I’ve Just checked internet for 325 WSM AMMO AND SEEMS TO BE PLENTY OUT THERE !!! Double Tapp, Winchester, Nosler, Hendershots,PCI and more. There are times they run low but eventually they are available. Got to love love this cartridge and the light weight rifles that shoot it. Pricey ammo but no big deal for the toys and sports we love. IGNORE NAYSAYERS- many people on these forums talk negative- even if you don’t ask for their worthless opinions. I own 2. Kimber Super America and a Browning Titanium A bolt. Both are sub MOA and I don’t baby them(having 300 rounds down each). Yay to all 325wsm owners.
  12. Why would you be selling a rifle you barely shot? Or did you leave a zero off the number of rounds. Sounds odd to me .
  13. 325 wsm a great cartride- I have vx Leupold on one of mine-great combo. check out 325 wsm Iliad and odyssey by Joe Dellasandro or Alessandro. Shows 8mm bullets and loads he worked up. Don’t listen to all the naysayer opinions or the ones that suggest other calibers when I ask about the 325 wsm. I never understand why respondents do that on these forums. There are plenty of 8mm bullets. You can still get brass and dies(on internet type in 325wsm 70% off) if you reload or decide to start. 325 is the reason I took it up. 300wsm brass can also be necked up to 325.of course you can get custom does made for the caliber. custom ammo makers.Doubletap ammo less expensive than Hendershots. If you are a good shot you can shoot almost anything effectively. Many guys take coastal brown bear and Cape buffalo with the 325 and love it. Avoid muzzle brakes if u can handle recoil because I put them on both my 325’s and they loosen rings.(can be resolved with loctite and 3m adhesive inside top scope ring). Mine now have the recoil of a 30-06(kinda loud)and are fun to shoot. Enjoy your rifle and ignore the naysayers. In the future you can always change barrel down to 300 or 270wsm or even 7mm (very easily)if you want lighter recoil and more factory ammo availability (300 wsm most available). read Iliad and odyssey part 1 and part 2 as well as chuck hawks. Internet ha a few non forum type write ups that are good. you can make trajectory and ballistic charts as well as compare cartridges (great site!) enjoy you have a great rifle
  14. If you need any info on 325 wsm message me- I’m a new member and thought I posted to everyone. Not sure and don’t have time to check. Double tap ammo and Hendershots will make 325 ammo. I bought 10 boxes from double tap at $64 a box. Have not tried Hendershots( they are very expensive-$94to$120) but use highest quality components.When I go on expensive hunts I will splurge for Hendershots if I don’t use my reloads.

    Great caliber I own a Kimber and a Browning titanium. If you want more input message me