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  1. Anybody hunt the Oriskany flats wma area? Have a doe permit for 6p and was wondering if it was worth the try.
  2. Just spot lighted my field and had 4 sets of eyes they are nocturnal for sure.
  3. Nice you have everything covered.How do you like the chest rig?I have the Gholster chest rig for my glock20 10mm.
  4. Anybody carry both when deer hunting /If so whats your set-up?
  5. Trad1


    My gun is a marlin guide gun.I will be using reloads 405grn,hardcast flat nose.They should get the job done.I have the xs rail with ghostring and post front sight.A shooter out to 100 yards.
  6. Trad1

    pistol carry?

    I remember a time last gun season I let a small buck walk he was inside of 25yrds.Would have shot him if I had my handgun.
  7. Trad1

    pistol carry?

    Anyone carry a handgun while rifle hunting?I will be carrying my glock 20 10mm in a chestrig with my rifle.Sometimes you can get that real close shot.
  8. Trad1


    Anybody hunt deer with a 45/70?