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  1. Last sit of the year so I’m pretty bummed. Been here about a half hour and I hear woods snapping ice breaking. Naturally I’m thinking don’t move lucky bastard it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. The footsteps get closer like behind my stand they stop and go behind me. So I take quick peak and wouldn’t ya know it.. two cows walking down my neighbors road. Wtf. no bs it actually happened
  2. Jarhead1

    Knife Sharpening ?

    I think in the off season I am going to hone my knife sharpening skills>
  3. Jarhead1

    My birthday buck.

    Better late than never as they say. I got my birthday deer back on 11/9.
  4. I’m going to make like a fetus and head out
  5. A lot of tracks around the clover and I came across a beautiful rub. I mean this dude must have a lathe on his head. Well he’s one of three that I’ve been after and they’ve eluded my every effort this year. I’m pretty bummed just because it’s coming to a close. Picture is a wood stove mounted on a wall. Kidding my pictures keep posting sideways.
  6. Time to saddle up for the afternoon. Let’s go!
  7. Trying to get moto here in 8g. Steady rain now and I didn’t see a thing this morning.
  8. I’m 8g as well. I didn’t see a thing yesterday morning, noon or evening. Hopefully I’ll fill a tag today.
  9. Whats up hunter freaks I zipped one today yep on my freaking birthday how about that, Now I am looking for a butcher close to Darien/Alexander area. Ive been to Buck and Doe by Eastern Hills they do a great job I just would like someone closer and not M+M near Batavia. Thanks in advance!
  10. My neighbor rides around in his Polaris along my property line and does quite a bit of shooting along my property line. It’s annoying as hell but hopefully deer will stick around on my property longer..
  11. Jarhead1


    Ha! Corporal
  12. Jarhead1