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  1. Trying to get moto here in 8g. Steady rain now and I didn’t see a thing this morning.
  2. I’m 8g as well. I didn’t see a thing yesterday morning, noon or evening. Hopefully I’ll fill a tag today.
  3. Whats up hunter freaks I zipped one today yep on my freaking birthday how about that, Now I am looking for a butcher close to Darien/Alexander area. Ive been to Buck and Doe by Eastern Hills they do a great job I just would like someone closer and not M+M near Batavia. Thanks in advance!
  4. My neighbor rides around in his Polaris along my property line and does quite a bit of shooting along my property line. It’s annoying as hell but hopefully deer will stick around on my property longer..
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    Ha! Corporal
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    Thanks for adding me to the forum. I have had my license forever unfortunately I lost my interest to hunt because of a few bad experiences and also not having access to property. I have a rekindled my fondness for hunting after we bought our house with acreage. Last year I went and took the archery class...oldest one in the class but...I love archery now! So well worth it. Thanks Again!