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  1. Appreciate all the responses and great info/advice, thanks everyone! Going to head to Smith's point and check a few out.
  2. I am looking to buy my first bow, and considering the diamond infinite edge pro. It retails around 350 and seems to be a great beginner bow. If i were to bump up to the 500 range, any suggestions? Concerned about sites on the diamond and would think I would want to upgrade sites (not sure of cost). Afraid of buying and then needing to upgrade. Also, any one know of any places on the island I can test shoot it first or do you think there is no need at the price point. I have friend willing to take me under his wing with bow and looking to buy it now and practice for next season. Also if it matters, I'm a south paw/lefty.
  3. Back at it today, went back to area between beds and feeding area and sat still still 11am, finally got up and could see from tracks they had already passed (had to be before sunrise). Still not so great on ID'ing buck vs doe from tracks, but location of piss in relation to tracks one seemed to be a doe. Went back to truck and warmed up and ate lunch the tried another area, sat still for 4 hours straight in a other area where they have been digging in the leaves/acorns. Didnt see a thing and wind/snow was brutal but was in a good position and wind was in my favor. Didnt see many fresh tracks today (compared to yesterday) but didnt cover to much ground.
  4. Got out all day today, saw more deer today then all season (of course the snow helped). Pull up to one of my spots with a spike I saw opening day literally standing in my parking spot. Decided to try a different spot after he went running. Fresh tracks everywhere. Took long way around to a bedding area to keep wind in my favor, by time I got there sun was up and I see fresh tracks coming from the bedding area, followed them and spooked a feeding doe. Was able to pick up fresh tracks and locate a out 10 deer (two different locations), and also came across 3 does bedded down together ((no doe tags). One big one went running when I was on another track, couldnt count point but that was the one I was waiting for. I saw for a few hours with nothing so got up to keep warm. Gonna try to sit still tomorrow - not exactly sure how to still hunt and get close enough without spooking them.
  5. See pics of the brute I'd die for (pics are crooked because something bumped my camera and I used fishing string this time, will use heavier line next time but helps keep camera concealed a little more). From the pics have him coming into bedding area at 8:07 am and leaving at 5:45 pm. This was back on 10/30 and I pulled camera opening day. seems like a cruising buck that never came back? Almost look like an inverted tine in the one pic (not sure I said that right). I am sure you all notice the scar - how does it take a hit in that spot and not go down? The rubs I have are too small for him right? I checked camera again and missed that there is a 5 point a few days before opening day which fits the bill and timing (I think) of the rubs so that helps line things up. I dont think any have been visited since last week. Also a picture of a nice size black bear (I saw the cub opening weekend) - last year came back for a morning hunt after being out the night before in light snow. Walking my own tracks back into the woods at 5am I noticed mama bears prints on top of mine for about a half mile before she veered of my track - that was a tense walkin lol. Is hunting an area with an active bear a bad idea - do they scare the deer?
  6. That is what I did yesterday (just saw this now) - see my update below.
  7. I will be getting a stand and practicing which all makes sense.
  8. No tree stand although been looking at a few climbers (tough to haul it in and up where I go, plus I hunt alone so not sure I like the idea but haven't researched much yet on stands - for another post). I generally set up behind a tree and always seem to feel like they will come from a certain direction (wind, paths etc.) But always hear something or feel the need to look around (maybe I am too far into a choke point and need to get a better spot a little furthur out) Will pay attention to sun and shadows more for sure. I am alway in position a solid hour (some times hour and a half) before sun rises. I am in wood by 430/5 -this time moon was so bright didnt need my flashlight (a few times). Last 100 yards takes me just as long as the hike in and really tale my time, but tough to be quiet with the leaves all iced up - tempted to rake a path to my spot a week before lol. When cold I try to sit as long as possible but by 10/11 I get cold and feel the need to start walking to the next spot, scout then usually take a brake to warm up, eat soup then go back out (sometime to same spot sometime to another spot on another mountain). Sittong still is tough and I am working on that too, only time I use my phone is for gps which is not often. I dont eat a thing when out (occasionally some hot chocolate). Funny thing, come home today (no hunting on the property) and this little SOB is standing outside my window - think he saw the red in my eyes and bolted through the bushes lol.
  9. Got it, there are a few paths (well traveled) that go on both sides of that thick cover, I set up in o guess the funnel (the oaks) that lead Iinto that path. Felt like a good spot so gonna try there again. Problem with that spot is i think my scent pushes into the thick cover on my way in (not while I sit) but then they travel on the other path.
  10. Will see how it goes Thursday gonna try what I think is a good choke point with some decent range to take a shot. Other issue i had was felt like I couldn't cover 360 degrees with my eyes without moving around.
  11. Very helpful appreciate all of the replies!! I am going to look more into food sources (or feel free to share what you know) because that is an area I know very little about. I tried a few doe spots (with no antler restrictions last year) and had very little luck. Need to extend out a few more hour drive from home. Just feel like public land sucks (at least that's my excuse lol)
  12. I will be hunting there Thursday and Friday and should have place to myself.
  13. I dont bow hunt but thinking of trying it out which would help eliminate some hunting pressure. Thanks, I will keep trying to scout out more areas, just hard to leave a spot with so much activity. Have to look at older pics, but this year all bucks were right at sunset.
  14. Decent pressure but mostly only opening weekend. I get as far as I can away but can always go further).
  15. There are a few escape areas which makes it tough when hunting solo. One back escape route leaves very little chance for shot (pretty much have to shoot it as it goes across a narrow path) but is best area for wind - I jumped one my first year coming in, second year, waited and waited, then decided to move closer and jumped one. The other side is all open woods but usually upwind of bedding area, other side is up the mountain big trees and has some cover - this is where I tried second day)
  16. This is my third season hunting public land, mostly the same spots as I have gotten to know them well. Unfortunately still haven't punched the card, and I have put my time (during the season and pre season scouting). I know the odds are against me (nobody I know hunts so I have been figuring it out solo and via YouTube/internet and with boots in the ground, which can be rewarding if I ever bag one), plus its public land with antler restrictions. I have set up cameras (forgot to pull pic off card before I put camera back) of a few nice bucks, and one bruiser but mostly 10 to 14 days ago, and does scattered during that time. I found a scrape a few weeks back and rubs that I think were more recent (I think I found the rub line, as I found 3 scrapes within a half mile (?) of each other, two facing the same way and the last the other side of tree, almost like another buck from different direction) I know where the dense cover is, and know one common bedding area (there are a few good bedding areas here). Wind seems to constantly change on this mountain (I use all scent free detergents, body wash, spray my feet down). What would you do? Have the bucks left, am I too late?
  17. Thanks for the feedback! Nothing this morning but made an mistake - no bug spray (need to buy a thermacell), had to go back to the truck after 30 minutes of getting alive, figured no way a Turkey would come in with me swatting bugs. Soaked myself in big spray which I am guessing didnt help the hunt but was dead quiet. Hopefully back at it tomorrow morning.
  18. I am newbie, second season trying for Turkey so be kind. Got out today, and around 5am had a gobble response to my owl hoot. Slowly worked my closer and gave a gobble with the box call, and gobbled back, I set up and a few minutes later the Turkey flew over me but was uncertain to tell if it was sporting a beard. I moved my way in that direction and after about a half hour, started letting out a few yelps (not sure of this was right move but I heard some response, sounded like cuts and short clucks/yelps. I replicated this, and tried a gobble - never got it to gobble back but thos bird was cutting and yelping so hard i thought for a second maybe anotherhinter. Therr was also another bird in the distance competing making similar noise. I got set up behind a bog tree and waited and the Turkey came in hard, about 50 yards out I could see its come in and stop and look right in my direction. I couldnt tell if it had a beard, went for my binoculars slowly once it moved behind a ridge and let outsome cuts and it was gone. I slowly worked my way towards it (cut out to logging road and around a little) ended up jumping it up on a path running from me - calling was useless ad I was busted. As it ran away I had a shot but again could not see more then its head. One thing I noticed was the intensity of my calls was probably too loud as it came in, and probably should not have called once I had made eye contact (make him wonder and come closer). What would you have done different and why? I will be out there in a few hours, as I left after that thinking anymore calling would ruin a second chance tomorrow. Looking for any help and advice. Tomorrow will be rainy and wondering of that should change my approach.
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