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  1. Here's a New York turkey hunt that should get your blood flowing! Hope ya'll enjoy my newest episode! If you like what you see, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel! Cross Over the River Outdoors! #ItsHuntingTimeOlBuck #Ozonics #DeadRinger #Tactacam #NewYorkTurkeyHunt #huntingvideo
  2. Hey everyone. With everyone in lock down mode, i'm sure most of you are spending your time watching hunting videos, or thinking about this upcoming spring turkey season. To get you pumped up for the upcoming spring season, I've attached 1 of my YouTube videos from last spring! Now this hunt isn't in NY. This hunt was on the opening morning of the Pennsylvania season. The exciting thing about this hunt is this was the first turkey that i've ever shot with a bow! Something that i've always wanted to do! This is also a two part episode to my PA season, so be sure to watch them both!. Hope ya'll
  3. Hello to all my fellow bow hunters! Here's a question for you, if you had the chance to hunt and win $50,000, would you do it? Well your chance has come! It's the Bone Collector North American Whitetail Championship! The biggest and most exciting deer hunting tournament that's ever hit the whitetail woods! Here's how it works, throughout the USA and Canada, there's 14 different regions, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey would be considered as Region 1, the bow hunter that harvests the largest P&Y scoring buck in he or she's region will qualify for a championship hunt in the land of Gi
  4. Hey everyone please check out my new video! A couple weeks ago I went down to Florida to hunt Osceola turkeys at a friend of mines place. I gotta tell ya, it was the most exciting and most fun turkey hunt I've ever been on! Not to mention is was in the 70s down there while it was snowing at home lol. Please watch the video and share it! Warning, the footage may be shaky and a little out of focus at times. My camera man was having a hard time getting a clear view of these birds. I hope ya'll enjoy the hunt and please subscribe to my YouTube Channel, Cross Over the River Outdoors! God Bless!
  5. Hey Turkey hunters! Here's another video for ya'll to enjoy, and to help get your motor running for the fast approaching spring season! This hunt took place last spring here in New York! Hope ya'll enjoy it! Please Subscribe to my channel and feel free to share the video! You can also check out my last hunt that I just got back from in Florida for Osceola Turkeys! That hunt can be found on my channel!
  6. Thank you for watching the video! And to answer your comment,. Yes, the horse's scent does covers up most of ours. However, I have had deer get some of my scent when they are down wind. Most of the time they don't spook, but I have had them blow at me before. Thank you for watching the video! Please Subscribe to my Channel
  7. I'm glad you liked the video so much! Makes me feel good that you guys are enjoying them! I wish you and your daughter many blessings this spring and I hope ya'll have fun and whack one upside the head! Thanks for the complement on the purrs to! All the calling i do is just with my own voice. I don''t use calls that much!
  8. Hey Turkey hunters! Check out my latest video on YouTube! This is a Pennsylvania turkey hunt from last spring! The opening morning of the PA season. This long beard strutted right in to the decoy and was only 10 yards away when I shot him! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel Cross Over the River Outdoors to stay updated with my hunting adventures and new videos! Post and share as well! Enjoy the hunt guys and gals!
  9. Check out my YouTube Channel Cross Over the River Outdoors! Most of the New York deer hunts are off horse back. We also elk hunt on horses. Best way to do it!
  10. You just have to have the right horse. My horse I trust more than 90% of the people i know.
  11. Hey everyone! I'm Louis Backlas, and I'm from Wyoming county N.Y. This past fall I entered the largest deer hunting tournament the hunting industry has ever seen. The Bone Collector North American Whitetail Championships. In this tournament, there was 14 different regions in the United States. Region 1 being New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Winners of each region qualify for a hunt in Kansas at Wicked Outfitters and will have a chance to win $50,000. I was blessed to be the winner for region 1! Pretty Excited here about this! I wanted to invite all of you N.Y hunters to watch my latest v
  12. Hey Everyone! I just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel! If ya'll enjoy watching whitetails in the rut then you need to watch this! One of the coolest encounters that I've ever been able to video! All filmed off the back of my horse. Note: this is not on a deer farm. These are all wild free ranging whitetails! I'd love it if ya'll would give me some follows on my hunting pages! You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube at Cross Over the River Outdoors! I hope Ya'll enjoy the video! God Bless!
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