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  1. Got lots of pics and videos of him was hoping he made it to next year but he was nice Congrats. I wont pass them like this anymore
  2. Congrats. Passed this one 4 times but he was nice
  3. Had a close encounter with this young buck tonight
  4. I been watching a lot of TikTok while on stand and their brainwashing has me believing it’s due to wearing masks and the the early booster batches…ha. In reality he probably got kicked in the face last year by a dry socket sniffing where he shouldn’t have been
  5. Warm or not he’s making the rounds he’s the little cro magnon buck from last year. Turned into light patch on snout so now cro magnon lite But he gets pass til next year. Pretty sure he knows I’m here and is getting more comfortable walking by. He circled me and pushed a doe past. Fun to watch him chase and grunt he was loud this morning.
  6. Up and in. Warm one but figured they will need to move early and maybe a little flurry of action before storms hit midday. Sometimes they move a bit before a cold front pushes thru. At least that’s what I am telling myself
  7. Sitting the other end of my farm with heavy warm south winds sweated my butt off walking here but the breeze is nice. Good luck to everyone
  8. Had this good 8 put on quite a show chasing and grunting and harassing some of the gals. 3rd buck this morning the girls are doing there job
  9. Balmy but beautiful out this morning they are just laying up Livin the best life but should move at some point today. Good luck to all out there today
  10. 4th buck this morning the boys are trolling early
  11. Yes gorgeous early start cmon hopefully it was ladies nite last night and some big fellers will be following them home this morning
  12. Tonight started out slow but ended up being one of the best sits this year. At 530 I watched these two bux enter the field and drive the little bux away. At first it seemed they were traveling together but when they encountered each other near the center of my field both assumed defensive positions ears back heads down and hair up on their backs. I thought they were going to fight but they kinda circled and side walked and went on their respective paths. Both are shooters in my neck of the woods so hopefully they get along well enough so my son and I can wack them before one drives the others away. Pretty sure they are both 3 1/2 yr olds or better ps good luck Fletch
  13. Put on light clothes and some tinks spf69 for the evening show. Hopefully there are some willing ones within the herd who come visit up close.
  14. I sure hope you feel better soon.
  15. I had a savage axis II in 270 as well. It’s deadly accurate using my Caldwell deadshot fieldpod along with 140 gr Winchester Ballistic Silvertip ammo. Very hard to find that ammo but in my experience better than federal or Remington. I have killed deer with a single shot this way over 300 yards I think the trick is just touching the trigger without touching the rest of the gun very very accurate this way. Sandbag works nice too but doesn’t move up and down or sideways like the Caldwell dead shot
  16. Uh oh if Belo catches you in his tree stand hunting the headless herd….ha!
  17. Little bb has entered or maybe exited the fray. He’s strutting his stuff behind me gurgling grunts and rubbing his head on the saplings. Me thinks one of the bump and run bux pushed him away from mama.
  18. Heavy chasing going on. 2 bux chasing now does and fawns are scattering the boys are back in town.
  19. Back in the Buckform watching some early feeders from the herd Wish it was 20 degrees cooler but poke and hope never fails well unless your in a cheap pool float
  20. Afternoon setup. On top of an acorn flat in a blind in Ohio. What a beautiful day which it were cooler but will take my odds here vs at my desk.
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