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  1. Plots are looking good for this season though haven’t seen any good bux yet. Mowed today hopefully done doing that
  2. I did got a 2 gallon sprayer and used it for glyc roundup first then rinsed it and used it for plot starter and plot boost. No issues Since they’re pretty cheap 20+bucks just bought another. So have one for both now.
  3. No worries Biz…my grandsons old school when it comes to opening day jerseys but his team pulled thru ha
  4. My grandsons first football Sunday and his team pulled off a opening day victory.
  5. Charlie enjoying September. Ha whats your front yard view this fall?
  6. I planted radishes in those plots. Yes I put in several plots of various sizes and offerings. the herd seems to like more being spread out when the feed. I don’t do any soil tests but figured I’d try the sprays this year. Haven’t fertilized yet but I might but the plots are doing well. Another month and they should be like this size
  7. Good progress so far and healthy looking green
  8. Yes I can vouch for them I use plot starter and plot boost this year this was the first year I ever used them. The results this year so far are on par for my best ever so I will give credit to these products simple to use and mix And noticeable results right away so I would say definitely worth the investment and will use it againAnd noticeable results right away so I would say definitely worth the investment and will use it again
  9. Great choices. Ontario Orchards is a great little store and the owners are nice folks. My family loves going there then on to Rudy’s especially during apple season.
  10. Well we got a lot of rain today and hopefully it’s headed your way. it’s still prime planting time for plots into early September you can still get good results but I have some plots that are doing better than others in my field. The fun challenges of plotting and nature
  11. The plots are looking great Rob. If all goes well they should produce very well during hunting season for you
  12. Thanks Cory it’s coming along better since the rain. I thought your plots looked good too. I have good soil I am in the lake plains region between Ontario and the Fingerlakes. I haven’t fertilized yet I figured it looked pretty good. I think I will fertilize them Labor Day weekend.
  13. It stormed and has been raining most all morning at my place. This will be good for the plots the wildlife and the farmers much needed.
  14. 19 days. I planted it July 30th. I sprayed all my plots with a Roundup except for the big one in the 2 pics The week of July 4th. I tIlled up 7 plots The week of July 25 and sprayed them all with deergro plot starter prior to tilling I then planted from July 30 through August 3rd and prayed for rain like y’all plotters do I have been doing this a while now and learned that patience is a virtue and believe it or not some of the best plot years have been dry ones just have to nurse them through August heat into September and then they takeoff
  15. Here’s what some rain does to the plots. 1st pic is Sunday and 2nd is yesterday. Patience it will happen over time. I will be spraying all the plots this weekend with deergro plotboost
  16. Getting some light rain in Auburn now we’ll take it. Ground is still dry after yesterday.
  17. Got a drenching rain here in Cayuga county. Just what we needed got lucky today.
  18. Yeah we didn’t get anything here I think it was all in the southern tier maybe Pygmy got some rain in south Dogpatch?
  19. They are radishes brassicas and rye clover brassica mix. I meant the rain was spotty we really could use some I thought we would get some today but no luck so far. If We don’t get some rain in the next few days it’s not looking good. Hope you get some rain on Wednesday at the cabin too
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