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  1. Great looking Lab and Tree. Labs are the best and yeah trees are more expensive this year like everything but had to get a real one just can’t make switch to an artificial one yet.
  2. Beauties all of them. Rooting for you to put one on the ground like one those this week. Good luck
  3. I am in the blind to finish out the day in hopes of a shooter showing. Good luck to any one else out there today trying to fill a tag
  4. I have to work this week. I will try and get in some afternoon sits for you. I could probably shoot a dozen does this week but hopefully a couple have yet to come in heat and will possibly pull a shooter into view of my scope.
  5. Sounds good to me. I will do my best to get a nice shooter for us.
  6. Some action my does and fawns brought a little buck to the beech tree diner today. If he stays lucky perhaps he’ll show up on leftovers 2021
  7. Enjoying a quiet cold morning on stand. Deer seemed to move well yesterday based on cameras so hopefully getting a mid season shuffle bringing some new shooters around. Going to start shifting back to food sources as rut peters out. Good luck to all out today
  8. Same here was expecting more shooting and activity but just didn’t materialize. Usually the 2nd Saturday is a pretty active day Heard 2 distant shots and no duckers. Thanks Probably should have went ducking w my son
  9. It can be a lot of fun. Usually you hunt with friends in a blind and the action can be fast and furious or slow. But either way you don’t have to worry about scent concealment or whispering on stand. The finger lakes and Lake Ontario can be pretty good in the 2nd season if the weather gets cold and nasty. That tends to drive the migration.
  10. Thinking @Don_Cis due for a mid season slammer for week 10.
  11. My son duck hunted Cayuga Lake this morning near Aurora. Banded black duck frosting on top.
  12. Well looking forward to you in a pic with a nice bear with a couple of grouse sitting on his back sleeping. Til then enjoy a cold Genny you earned it
  13. Great Buck Wolc. Congrats way to get it done. Now get a big bear in the dacks to top off your season.
  14. Hopefully the orange army and duckers start pushing and shooting early to get the deer moving early today. In honor of the orange army I am using some warm orange force today…ok I watched some Star Wars movie last night ha be safe today in ur travels and good luck to everyone out there today
  15. Me thinks white with lots of gravy. Dark meat is for soup.
  16. Mine too. Both daughters are nurses and worked today so their co workers with young families could be together today. We are going to celebrate on Saturday when they are both off. Happy thanksgiving
  17. I remember those views as a 9 yr old kid. Looks like a Sound decision good luck and happy thanksgiving.
  18. Settled in for the afternoon set. Hopefully the herd decides to feed early today thinking gun pressure has then laying down moving more at dusk and dawn.
  19. Promising morning me thinks good luck to all out today
  20. RainX is much more effective on the windows inside too it reduces fogging saw it on a hunting show it works just have to reapply before hunting season and usually lasts.
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