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Turkey Hen 3 Feet Off Of Cynthia's Foot!

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  Long Story short. The Damn Gobblers were on the Private side of the Creek and Cynthia  and,I were left with Hens. A good 4 of them.

  2 flew over to the Gobblers and 2 stayed . At one point 1 of the Hens was 3 feet off our feet as we sat in front of the same wide Tree.

   One Hen went to my " Bugging Hen" and just stood there " forever"...

  A few  Gobblers may have flown over to the private side earlier further down. Cynthia has razor Eyes. 

   They Gobbled good for almost 2 hours. Cutting and Loud Yelping.

   We had a Ball! 

 7th time out for in 2 States.

 No,I don't  have a Gobbler- LOL! 

Year after year,I seem to be out to the bitter end.  But the Birds Fall somehow.

 Out with Cynthia Tomorrow.  I just got up from a 2 Hour Nap from the Dead.

   Victory though as we were not seen in front of that tree by the 2 Hens. We sat like stone for what- 15 minutes. 




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It was awesome . I could not believe  that they didn't see us but they were looking at that decoy. It was so fun . Can't wait to play in the rain tomorrow.  I need to get one tomorrow  I go back to work thursday

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