SSWA Officers named as Long Island Serial Killer Suspects!

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Guys, anyone a member of SSWA has to read the discussions going on over at websleuths.com.

Here are some samples of what they are a writing-

"My guess is that the killer will strike again in May/June 2012 now that duck hunting season is over in NYS. He's had time between when the first body was found in late 2010 till now to recalibrate his M.O. He's comfortable he's not being watched. He'll choose a new dump site and pickup methodology.

Snow geese ran through April 15th. http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/28888.html

Now starts "whore" season for this looney.

This waterfowl association needs to be torn apart. They're the only ones with:

1) a direct, ongoing connection to both of the two dump sites in Manorville and Cedar Beach (50 miles apart!!!)

2) a direct connection to burlap (duck hunting camouflage)

3) major childhood/youth trauma in their leadership ranks (violent physical abuse/family history of sexual abuse)

Am I the only one who sees this?"

And they wrote lots of stuff like this;

"Anybody wanna go set up a LISK table at the SSWA duckboat show this month?


Maybe you can ask if anyone thinks its strange that about 10 bodies were discovered at their two event locations, Cedar Beach and Halsey Manor Rd. in Manorville. Maybe you can ask around and find out who in their group was an active member in 2000 and 2003, active enough to go out to the Manorville shooting range a few times with that small group of "serious" members/officers.

Maybe ask if that individual is likely to have a bunch of burlap laying around for building duck blinds. In fact, never mind, since they already appear in an online photo with a huge piece of burlap.

In my opinion, the Suffolk County Police should set up a booth there asking for any information that might be helpful."

There are pages and pages of this crap. They really think a SSWA leader is the killer.

You can catch the tail end of one of the conversations here;


We gotta get SSWA members to join over there and stop them. They ares even listing maps to homes where a SSWA leader lives in Lindenhurst & they are a talkin about personal family stuff from the childhood of the SSWA leader makin it soumd like he is a disterbed man with a shotgun.

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You have posted this on almost every website, and still no one cares. SSWA members account for a very small amount of the waterfowling community fere on LI. Not everyone that duckhunts in in the SSWA.

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More copies of bad stuff they wrote on websleuths.com about long island duck hunters being the serial killer:

"According to their archived calendar, the SSWA does not schedule regular events or meetings in the summer months of June, July and August. They are extremely active otherwise. As we know, the Maureen, Melissa and Megan disappeared in July.


Amber disappeared in September 2, 2010, a week and a half before their first meeting of the season.


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They even turned in the info to the police!

"FYI, I submitted the following to the Suffolk County Police this morning. I snipped out portions that identify a specific individual of interest (where it says [poster snipped]. You'll also be interested to note the possible connection that I discovered relative to Atlantic City in 2006.



I've uncovered clear evidence of a 2000/2003 link between Cedar Beach and the area of Manorville where Jane Doe#6 and Jessica Taylor were found.

These links are from website archives of the South Shore Waterfowler's Association (sswa.org). In these links, you'll see that this club, which holds its annual duck boat festival at Cedar Beach, also attended annual Sporting Clay Shoots at the Peconic River Sportsman's Club (peconicriver.com) in 2000 and 2003. These shoots are within about half a mile of the Manorville locations where the Manorville victims were discovered. The club's address is: 389 River Road, Manorville, N.Y. 11949

In addition, you'll find that the club attended in 2006 the 24th Annual Ocean County Decoy & Gunning Show, Tuckerton, NJ on September 23-24 of 2006. This is approximately 30 minutes from where the Atlantic City serial killer victims were discovered in November 2006.

I believe that you need to immediately identify any SSWA members that organize or participate in the Peconic River Sportman's Club clay shoots, particularly in 2000 and 2003. The club in Manorville is somewhat exclusive and the numbers of attendees are limited. You need to identify the members of the Peconic River Sportsman's Club in 2000 and 2003, and see which were also members of the SSWA.

From these members (probably less than 10), you should identify any that attended the Tuckerton, NJ show in 2006, and determine if any of these individuals stayed around and went to Atlantic City afterwards. You should also determine which of these duck hunters use burlap as part of their camouflage, or to carry dead ducks and decoys in the field.

With this information, you should be able to identify the serial killer, if my theory is correct.

These links also show that [poster snipped] (the current [poster snipped]) was an active member of the SSWA around the time of the Manorville murders. This individual also lives a very short distance from the area of Manorville where the bodies were discovered. He's approximately 41 years old, and lives at [poster snipped] in Manorville. He appears to be married, no kids, and was the uncle of [poster snipped] (the [poster snipped] murder-for-hire case). I would start with him.

Good luck"


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You have posted this on almost every website, and still no one cares. SSWA members account for a very small amount of the waterfowling community fere on LI. Not everyone that duckhunts in in the SSWA.

I'm not the guy posting this stuff all over the place. This is the first time I ever posted it. Those aren't my words. Go to Websleuths.com to read the people who are a writing them words about duck hunters being responsiple. I have my own suspect and he aint in the SSWA. I was just a trying to alert anyone who knows how to contact Rich, John, Ron, Tom and the boyz to let them know what is up havin their name pointed as being suspect for a major serial killer suspects and havin people going to their show on Sunday with intentions of spying on a them!

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this is going to be good. Gotta go make a big batch of pop corn...

I usually go to the show because I live like two minutes away an I love shootin them nice sweet new over/unders they let us demo.I cant go Sunday. :( 'cause I'm a going to Florida to lookup an old nieghbor of mine. Other wise I would go and a warn everyone at Cedar Beach marina that there could be a protest or police investigators or somethin at the South Shore Waterfowlees Associations annual waterfowl duckboat show.

This is so not cool.

What if like some of the families of the dead hookers show up?

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hay may be it's Flukeyou and he is trying to throw us off his track by blaming SSWA





For Those Who Understand No Explanation Is Needed

For Those Who Don't None Will Do




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