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So I had a couple 410s in the gun cabinet with modified barrels and no choke system in them. Also had a couple friends and a niece that had one as well. I knew they would make some nice little lightweight turkey guns, or a better small game/target guns. With a little know how and right equipment. I put threads in these guns to utilize the Winchoke thread pattern.  I charged the friends equally what it cost me to acquire the tooling and i broke even(for the most part).  I did drill and tap my nieces barrel and gift her a little reflex sight for her black synthetic 410 so she could enjoy shooting it more.  I Wish I could do a trigger job on it, Maybe down the road, as that American Tactical Nomad is the worst trigger I've ever seen!

Next year she turns twelve and can chase turkeys with me! The pattern picture on the diaper box posted is from her gun with just a Full choke installed, that way she can still shoot what she wants through it (other than slugs lol).. That's 35 yards with a handload of tungsten shot that I put together for my 410 turkey guns..  The "diaper in the middle is a 6" circle basically.

I thought about putting out an ad maybe to thread 410 barrels and make a few dollars to support a great habit, but i also did not want to be held accountable by people I do not know.. Not for sake of the job and my name on it, But Bc you never know what people are capable of these days..   










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1 hour ago, turkeyfeathers said:

what tubes you have? Just looked and saw carlsons has a .410 tss tube, also looked at Rhino as love my .660 in Remington SPT but no .410 listed. But i don't think you need to tinker much with that  pattern !

I got a smokin deal on (3) Indian creek tubes brand new straight from the factory. So i went with 380, 385 and 390 so i can tinker with each! It also matches the Stevens 301 410 threads as well so i can tinker with that gun. I won that 301 410 in a raffle and pick that up tonight! 

As for the Full choke n my nieces gun, that's just a browning invector full.. winchoke is the same as winchester invector, browning invector etc.. 

Carlsons does have one but im not sure its any better than most factory full chokes. I have been looking at Ic, Jebs, Comp n Choke, and Rectifier choke tubes as well. but will probably stick with these IC chokes for now. 

Yea i kind of want to put one of the Indian creeks in my nieces gun to try it, but i dont have the shot trap setup to catch all the pellets  

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