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California Hill,Putnam County


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Taconic Hereford is very popular with mountain bikers and Wassaic with hikers/dog walkers. So, just be mindful of that. I'm not sure about Wassaic but you can also camp overnight at T-H in designated spots.

You can call or email the DEC for advice. They actually answer and offer helpful information about where to try and where to avoid.

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I know this is an old thread, but I'm coming from Suffolk and starting turkey as a beginner for my first season in May 2021. So far I think I've narrowed down either cranberry, wonder lake, & california hills (all Putnam) to hunt. I plan on hiking in a few miles in to get away from crowds.  likely going into this blind unless I find a Saturday to go up and hike and scout out some areas in April. 

anybody have any suggestions about California Hill from this thread? Any advice is appreciated in advance thanks. 

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Hi Newbie, just to let you know that wonder lake is a state park and you have to get a permit to hunt there,

you can get the permit at the park office located at the TSP & Rte 301 just west of the exit. Fahnestock  Park is also

huntable get the info from the park superintendent or check it out online,also check out Great Swamp WMA located

in Patterson.Let me know how you make out...Ray

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I hunted California Hill hard in 2020 turkey season.  Saw a few hens and heard a few waaaay off gobblers, but only got out there one time this season.  Did you end up getting in there this spring?   Any sign of turkey?

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