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hunter johns archery season


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so far this season i have hunted just about every weekend and atleast three nights a week missed a nice 8 pointer had a few smaller bucks 6 point three differnt 4 points spike and hardly any does...

i set up a mock scrape that i have been hunting near and noticed it has been kept clean since i did it just got my hands on a trail camera

starting november 3 i have 16 days of nothing but bow hunting. good news is my neighbor seen the big 8 !! 3 days ago at around 2 in the afternoon!!

i hunt from dark to 10 or so then in the afternoon from 1 to dark ( dark is when i go in and when i come out)

so im alittle behind in this post so to catch up

nov 3 saw 1 deer far off and nothingin the afternoon

nov 4 saw nothing all day noticed scrape was clean night before some point

nov 5 saw no deer grey fox in the afternoon set trail camera up by mock scrape

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nov 9

7 days straight rut has to be coming soon hopeing the end of this moon phase will be today or tomarrow deer still not moving

today i decided to sleep in hang with my wife and boys jake 1 yr and mason 3 yr and make a nice breakfast of fresh eggs from the backyard

went out at 1130 to send mason off to pre-k and saw some deer moving around so i decided to run in and get dressed and sit till i got too cold which ended up being 330 no deer movement at all...

this is killing me not seeing anything i need to shoot me a big fat doe get some meat in the freezer

9 days left

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