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Proposed NY gun laws

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I’m so glad I’ve kept most of my guns, revolvers and pump shotguns included. I almost sold a 9mm handgun I won as how many 9s do I need ? Well all of them ,it seems .

I know two guys that bought Kel Tec KSG, today that’s a bullpup pump shotgun with twin tubes for a total of 16 rounds plus one in the launch pad , they’re thinking ahead . 

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American gun owners don't keep and bear arms to overthrow the government, as the Left often implies. But possessing a strong and competent self-defense capability is rooted in a spirit of self-reliance and a love of American Liberty that has its origin in the American Revolution and has been passed down for generations since. What leftists are really trying to break is that spirit, our devotion to Liberty. It is antithetical to the statist power and control they seek. The Second Amendment is not negotiable, period. The Left's perennial claims of "common sense" infringements, ostensibly for "public safety," are a smokescreen to ensure its statist agenda is unabated.

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