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Duck hunting north shore of western Long Island


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Im from Huntington li i been deer and small game hunting upstate my whole life me and some friends started duck hunting long island this year out of one our boats in the oyster bat area any tips or advice you could give us ? on where to go and see something other then sea ducks we been shooting?

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Southshore Waterfowlers.. They have a website. I took my duck ID course thru them and although I wasn't a member, and I don't remember why, I went to a meeting once.

There were some really nice,experienced and knowledgeable , waterfowlers there, and I didn't join ONLY because I'm not a club person (I'm a bit of a loner). I had several discussions with their members and got some good tips. They must have some members who hunt the North Shore, and worth asking them.

They also host a "WATERFOWL FESTIVAL", every year in late Oct., or Nov. and you can probably speak to some guys there before next season. Someone there gave me some insight on a new spot one year. I think it's a dollar, or two to get in.

I'm sure that you know this, but in case you don't...There is NO waterfowl hunting allowed in Huntington.. I recommend that you check Town ordinances before you venture out to any spots on the Island. Assume that you will be checked by one of the many law enforcement agencies out there. I got checked a lot. Even by County cops a few times when hunting on the shoreline. I always carried the regs. in my hunting bag in case I had to explain stuff.(long story)

I don't duck hunt anymore, so I may not be current, but there used to be two parks in Suffolk that offered duck hunting.( I'm not sure if they still allow water fowl hunting, but I "THINK" that they do.).

I went to one once and that was to the freshwater park.

One was mainly sea ducks , but the other was fresh water so you you could get the puddle ducks there. There's a fee.at one and I think both. Where I went they gave you decoys and a blind for the fee...You can check Suffolk County Parks Department .. The thing that I didn't like is that it is a lottery system and if too many guys show up and you don't get picked.. You're SOL, and can't hunt.. also they assign you the blind..

The one, and maybe both, offers the hunt only on a few days of the week and they are 1/2 day sessions.. one morning.. then another that afternoon...There's probably more to it that I don't remember, and things may have changed, so if you have an interest you should ask them.

I hope this helps.

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