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Anemometers/ Wind speed meters Experiences with

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I am going to purchase a anemometer for hunting on the prairie out west. I find them all over the place in terms of price. They range from $15 for a bunch of no name brands up to $399 for a Kestrel (with a ballistic package). I am leaning to a cheap one as all I need is mph. My concern is if the cheap ones are pretty accurate, and durable for field use (with reasonable care). 

I  have no experience doping wind for shooting, and any input/experience would be helpful.

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Out west can be some pretty far pokes.  The wind speed where you are may not be the wind speed and direction mid-range or terminal.  Figure out your maximum range, not the rifle/cartridge, and know the effects at that range and how to read the prairie grass to help gauge mid-range and terminal wind speed and direction.   The cheap one is all you need.

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DoubleDose- Thx. for the response. Figure my maximum range to  be 350 yds. Not long by western standards, but the winds never quit in WY. Sometimes the winds are in the  30 to 40 mph range. The mirage thing is useful but I need practice I probably can't get around here. And a cloudy, cool day negates mirage.

I guess that one of the cheap meters will probably do, just wish I knew someone who has used them.

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