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My Thermal line up 2022


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While talking with a fellow night hunter earlier this week, we were going over the scopes/mono's we have/had and I decided to dig up the thermals I currently have at hand.

I kept the AN/PAS and Specter because they have sentimental value and I know I couldn't get a 1/4 of what I paid for them anyway.

Just got the Halo and it is an awesome scope, so it's going to be my Primary scope this fall and the XG is on the chopping block.

TM15 is an amazing spotter, but am saving for a spotter with LRF capabilities.

The Rattler and HD19A are my backups.

I've bought and used a lot of different thermals over the last couple of decades and have always thought that It can't get any better, then brand X comes out with a new gizmo and my wallet gets a lot lighter.

This lineup spans from 1990's top of the line 160 resolution, to 2022 top of the line 640 resolution scopes.

Rear left to right;

AN/PAS-19 (HHTI),  Elcan Specter IR SP50B, AGM Rattler 25, Thermion XG50, NVision Halo X50

Front left to right;

AGM TM15-384 , Pulsar Quantum HD19A



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