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A lot of people are thankful the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gun rights recently with the concealed carry decision, and indicated it will defend the 2nd Amendment further in the future, but how many of them helped to make it happen?

Did they side with leftists:

When Merrick Garland, the rabid anti-gun AG now, was prevented from sitting on the Supreme Court?

When Trump won against Hillary Clinton in 2016?

When Trump was vilified and attacked all during his presidency?

When they impeached Trump.... TWICE?

When the smear campaign against Kavanaugh was going on?

When Gorsuch and Barret were attacked during their confirmation hearings?

If they did, they were fighting this decision ever happening.

Trump is the main reason this decision came about.  He promised to defend our 2nd Amendment rights, he put the right justices on the Supreme Court and he stood fast against all the attacks on responsible gun owners his entire term in office.

Now we have an anti-gun administration vehemently angered by this decision and vowing to do everything it can to make this decision impotent and meaningless.  The entire Democrat party has come out against this decision, exposing their hatred of the 2nd Amendment and your right to self defense.  There is talk again of packing the court with leftist activists to stop any further progress towards defending individual rights.  People who sided with the left in their prior attempts to turn the Supreme Court into an activist cabal, are still supporting Democrats in their efforts to restrict our rights and freedoms, although they may not be aware of it.

It's time they wake up and smell the gun smoke.  We all owe Donald Trump a huge debt of gratitude for standing up against the anti gun left, most often without allies or appreciation, to his own detriment, for the benefit of ALL Americans regarding their right to defend themselves.  Were it not for Donald Trump, there would be no 2nd Amendment affirmation to be thankful for today, as this case would probably never have been heard.  In fact, we would probably be mourning major losses of our 2nd Amendment rights by now.

Will any of the people who sided with leftists for years now admit they were wrong and thank Trump for this accomplishment?  I doubt it.  Pride is one of the seven deadly sins.



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Imagine if Hillary won. This country would have been in one helluva mess, unable to recover. At least now we have a chance to get back to prominence with honest elections.

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