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2013 Hunting NY Spring Turkey Classic

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Congrats to Woodsman20 for winning 1st place and also to GR8WhiteHunter for winning 2nd place! It was a fun contest to watch unfold and came right down to the wire! PM me your addresses and I will send the prizes right out to you!

Thank you to everyone who participated and congrats to all of you that took birds this year!

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Special congrats to Woodsman 20 & GR8WhiteHunter.  Nice job guys!  Also congrats to all that got a turkey(s), ( some very nice birds taken) and to those that participated in the Spring Turkey Season in general. To me, you'll all winners.


A big "THANK YOU " goes out to WNYBuckHunter for taking his time putting it all together and running a fine contest.

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congrats to Woodsman20 and GR8WhiteHunter. A BIG, ole, firm, right hand shake to you guys. I like the way you got it done on the last days. Great hunt and great birds. congrats again. Hope every one had a great time out there this spring even if you didnt harvest a bird. And I to would like to thank WNYBuckHunter for taking his time to run this contest. We can do this again in 11 months.




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