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Official 2022 Fall Plots Thread

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13 hours ago, GreenDrake said:

The seed was very well stored in a dry room before given to me. These guys are working hard to create this food plot business. I will probably give him 100 lbs back, as I will not use the other 2 bags this season. Id hate to see it go to waste if he can sell it to someone. I have plenty to overseed it again at least 2 more times if I choose to depending on my germination rate. I may roll those fields next weekend with the side by side to get good soil contact. That can never hurt.

I have done many favors for these guys over the years in my law practice. Some fairly substantial. If I kept track, im probably paying thousands for these seeds. I never been one to keep score. Im just grateful they think of me with their scrap seed that I can use and experiment with. Great hard-working guys who show their appreciation for the free legal work I have done for them over the years.

That sounds alot like how i would do things as well for good, like minded people. Need more Americans to start taking notes..  

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