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"Free" boat. Worth it?

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One of my best friends has a 1975 StarCraft Holiday 16, that he is no longer interested in. He wanted to restore it, but doesn't have the time. 

Offered it to me for nothing other than occasional use, if he wants to.

It needs a new floor, new transom, and a new motor when all is said and done.

I have the ability to do the transom and floor. Wiring and mechanical stuff are not my thing.

Trailer is sound, just needs new tires.

The new motor will be the largest expense, but that is at least a year down the road. 

Other than that, I think it will cost me a lot of time, and a decent amount of money in supplies, especially marine plywood.

It can take a couple years. Wife is willing to have it in garage, as long as I keep making progress on it.

It's a beautiful boat. The rivets look good. Hull is clean and solid. Outside just needs a polish job.

I think they built them well back then.

What am I getting into? Worth it, or run for my life?









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Give it to Wolc123 ,he can put it six feet up in a tree, and hunt out of it .

i sold this for $1700, with life jackets , skis ,tube,  spare prop, flares ,tools ,anchor , bumpers  . The guy’s  used it multiple times ,with zero issues .


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1 hour ago, Nomad said:

Give it to Wolc123 ,he can put it six feet up in a tree, and hunt out of it .



The funny part is I can actually picture Wolc setting up a ground blind ( AKA boat blind ) in the middle of that thing ! And it already comes with a built in seat ! 



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Hard pass . If you didnt have a boat ... maybe.  Wanted a retirement project maybe.. Going to take alot of money and time to make that worth $ 1500 bucks depending on getting the motor to run and the trailer .

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If you didnt have a boat...still pass. 

If you did take it, you still dont have a boat. You would invest a lot into it to still have ...an old boat. I bought a new to me boat this year  If yand perused many before buying...but you need to have cash in hand, good ones go quick. If you are not in a hurry, there are ALOT of older boats in great condition going cheap. I was amazed at some of what I found. You can get floating and motoring away very inexpensively, depending on what you are looking for. 

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