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2022 Hunting NY Bow Harvest Thread


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Post up pics of your 2022 Bow hunting harvests here!

Only pictures with the associated story will be allowed in this thread. If you want to congratulate someone, please do it by clicking on the "like this" button for the post. There will be no exceptions.

Feel free to start a new thread if you wish to have comments in addition to posting the photo / story here.

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Been on alot of deer the last few days. Had a few spikes come in. A nice buck that wouldn't come closer that 175 yards. Took this doe. Very low hit. Thanks to my father in law we made a good recovery. Very happy with the harvest and the good meat she will provide. 




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9am. Was about to climb down and go home but as soon as I turn around there she is 35 yards perfect broadside. Triple checked all my distances after missing a doe last week so I was confident. Double lung ran maybe 50 yards. Blood was surprisingly not great for the first 40 yards but there was plenty around where she crashed. Feeling pretty blessed right now to be able to hunt from homea28c6fc32b8a7ab2fd494c37e84bcf59.jpg55ec31c33dfb18564bc76a6a5de8f122.jpgfcf333656d2b58fd95296a7277c21d6e.jpgf4dfd161cdc249c9858ae9b42b17c5a6.jpg

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First time I ever got 2 in 1 day! Same stand I got the doe this morning from. Just before 6pm came out in the same spot as the morning doe but from the opposite direction and not quite broadside. Came right to me, shot her at 10 yards. Dropped within sight. Couldn't ask for a better day! And this stand is less than 300 yards from my backdoor. Really glad I bought this garage fridge! 8f862c73bf830930fcf072b9e8e0dbfe.jpg6ecad15aba94867bcf9b2f1baa57978a.jpg4c0f907d92e94f9b881ff867644d7cbb.jpg155699251d97cccdc4235b1a82320777.jpg4e8b44d2c39ff00e80a506cc095bf3b8.jpg6814f255a167c3f85cf8113aa1758952.jpg

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So after having some time to reflect I wanted to share a almost 3 year journey that came to a end this weekend. During the summer of 2020 I got my first picture of him, the big 7. At that point he was just a after thought, there were numerous other bucks on my cameras and he was just one of many.


As time went on I got more and more pictures of him. I had my first encounter with him on 11/15/2020 he blew past me chasing a doe offering me no shot opportunity. My trail camera 150 yards away captured this picture of him 15 minutes later.
It was around this time that I started to become obsessed. I spent the rest of the 2020 season never seeing him again during daylight, but getting almost nightly pictures of him on camera. This continued until the bucks shed their antlers for the winter and I lost track of him.

Fast forward to the summer of 2021 I moved some stands and cameras around having better patterns on him and just waited. The work paid off when I got my first picture of him that year


Season rolled around and got off to a good start, had some great encounters with some smaller bucks and lots of pictures of him on camera but no daylight sightings, and then it happened. He walked into my world. 42 yards and behind a downed tree. I could see his vitals were exposed but I was nervous of hitting too high, I drew my bow back and decided I would aim a tad on the low side. Either hit the downed tree or him right in the heart…. Well


Tree one, chef zero.

This experience gave me some good insight into where he was traveling and A few weeks later I decided to move a camera and then a stand to better set up on him. I moved the camera and planned on going back the next day with my hunting partner to hang the stand

I guess I should have just moved the stand the same day because he didn’t waste any time. I actually watched him walk right past that stand from 100 yards away. My next encounter with him came a few days later. I got a hit on one of my cell cams showing he and 2 other bucks were headed my way. I could now see him coming through the brush… just 3 more steps is all I needed. He froze dead in his tracks looking off into the distance. I grunted, he pawed at the ground with his hoof thrashed his antlers in the brush but wouldn’t budge. All of a sudden I hear a twig snap to my opposite side and that’s all it took him and the 2 other bucks he had in tow bounded off in the other direction. I look to my right and see another hunter with his climber on his back walking right towards me…. I wave him off and he moves back the way he came.

Fast forward to 12/8/21

I’m in a stand deep in the Swamp and my hunting partner is in one of our early season stands that is on the route from food to bed. My phone buzzes and it’s a text from him. It’s a video of the 7 walking out of his bow range and sort of parallel to my position. He then tells me how cool the encounter was and that he’s still shaking. He says the buck is kind of headed my way but not really. About 15 min later while scanning I see antlers about 100 yards out but moving parallel to my position. All of a sudden he makes a 90 degree turn and is headed straight for me. He’s coming, just cross the creek all you gotta do is cross. He stops at the creeks edge and leaps across. I raise the cross bow, put the site on his heart and pull the trigger. I could have sworn I watched the lighted nock sink into his chest cavity. He leaps back across the creek, looks back at me and slowly walks away hunched up. I know this reaction…. Gut shot… dead deer but it needs time. I look around for the lighted nock and see nothing. It’s getting dark now. I back out and say I’ll come back in the morning. I come back in the morning and look for my arrow, blood, anything. I can find nothing except for white hair at the hit site

I grid search for hours… nothing. A trail cam pic a few days later confirms it.. he’s fine I missed somehow and just gave him a haircut.

It’s now summer of 2022 and the pictures start again

Many pictures but no encounters. Season starts off great, get my hunting partner his first bow buck. I’m not seriously working him at this point, just sitting a oak tree that’s producing and seeing what’s out there. And then it happens antlers in the brush, I can swear it’s him. It’s getting dark but I can still see. If he clears that tree I’m shooting… he does and wham the arrow zips through him. Shot looks good a little high but good… 8859dbdff625b506f04b8f564b2bafee.jpg
I follow good blood for 250 yards before loosing it. Called deer search and they came out the next day… no dice I’m devastated I killed him and won’t find him. Search for days looking for birds, coyotes anything.. no dice.

Fast forward to Friday October 14th I finish work early and head out to my stand. I’m in for about 15 min when I see my first deer. A small 5pt he comes and goes quickly. A little later I have a altercation with 2 hunters trying to hunt with crossbows out of season… they walked right under my stand. I also have pictures of these idiots stealing cell cams of mine. I yell at them and they head back to their car and leave. I figured I blew up the spot and I should leave but in the end decided to stay. It turns into a great sit… two smaller bucks come by and are sparing out of range. 22183cf3e3cc810f67bcc814b1e650cd.png
Some does join in the mix and decide to watch while they eat.. finally the commotion scares them off. The small bucks leave and the does come back and start eating. It’s getting close to sunset. About 30
Min to go when I see him. He’s 80 yards out and headed straight towards me he makes it to 20 yards and turns broadside slight quarter to or so I think. I draw my bow settle the pin on him and let one fly… he takes two big jumps stops stands there for a second and then takes off running. I hear what I think is a crash but I’m not sure. I climb down and check my arrow… it’s covered in dark blood and smells kind of sweet sour. I go look to where he stood before bolting and found 2 pin pricks of dark blood. I decided to back out go home and look in the morning. It was a long sleepless night I woke up on the hour every hours… finally at 5:30 I can’t take it any more and get dressed and head out to start my search. I go back to the pin pricks and see what I can find… nothing. The pin pricks were 5 yards from the power line cut. Let me look there. I step into the cut and shine my flashlight into the opening on the other side… OMG there he is. He didn’t even go 70 yards. I walk up to him and finally lay hands on my prize. He was quartered much harder than I thought, the arrow entered the chest cavity, hit both lungs, cut the diaphragm nicked the stomach hit intestines and exited out the back leg.

I know I’m supposed to be ecstatic that I got him and don’t get me wrong I’m over the moon… but I’m also kind of sad he’s gone, sad this chase has ended and this chapter of my hunting career is over. I guess it’s time to move on and do some fishing, shoot a doe or two and get ready for the regular season


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Doe from the other day, 15 yard shot, through the vital v, through the heart, broken opposite leg and arrow buried. Magnus black hornets!May be an image of 2 people, deer and outdoors

311695171_5713240228743689_4594217247457517151_n.jpg?stp=cp6_dst-jpg_s600x600&_nc_cat=108&ccb=1-7&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=YykDVzAvpm0AX9EX73m&_nc_ht=scontent-lga3-1.xx&oh=00_AT8VIpn2r1ZfXhDJIUu-MaGilVcNFsySGxmjV1Gs7GvoFw&oe=6351C5D2PA doe added just for fun since I was already making a post, I don't usually add them in. She's the heaviest doe i've ever shot, however had to debone her in PA and did not have my scale. 

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Shot this buck on Sunday. Came in with a big doe and another bigger buck, almost had the larger one but didn't present a good shot.  I have pics from last year of these two same bucks traveling together, both got a pass last year as they were much smaller. Hopefully run into the bigger one during the rifle season. I know they are the same two  as the larger of the two has a freaky rack, same exact rack as last year just alot bigger.




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Mentioned was hunting lately but not going to burn myself out like years past. Awaiting the good , the rut. Well I picked one heck of a day it wasn’t raining nor turned off alarm and bailed. Had a four point walk almost directly under me. Later I hear foot steps in the leaves . 2 fawns with 2 good doe behind them. I know old logging trail is 25 yards from stand. First doe gets by my 2 clearings of branches to shoot through so I draw and hold awaiting second doe to hit the second window. Anticipating her step forward I let the arrow go. Luminock shows money . She bolts off. I’m gonna wait awhile to check arrow. But dang arrow who should be strobing slips under the leaves upon finally looking. Then I have a spike coming down trail followed by a different 4 point. 3 small doe coming down a knoll and the 4 point  now has a good 6 join him. The 4 takes off running dogging the doe. He ran them off and they headed back under me with him still chasing. I had full draw contemplating sending it on the 6 but let off. Already have one blood trail so no bueno on sending it. After losing a doe last week I believe was a superficial hit and no idea what happened I’m glad to have redeemed myself on only my 3rd archery deer with a clean and quick kill. She went about 20 yards and crashed in a rose of Sharon. What a morning. Double lunged 


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Oh. Almost forgot to tell you that the buck I got last week was standing in the exact spot as the doe I got exactly one week prior. Shot her on an observation sit. The “accidental doe” gave me clues for how to get my buck. First deer with a bow from a treestand. Normally I’m on the ground. Both were 12 yards directly down wind, right where I said they would never be. Being tagged out before November is … uncomfortable at the moment. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. eaed852b7f52ce6ca3e85d3111057fd7.jpg

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Freezer is starting to get full !!! The buck was following a doe all the way down a tall hill towards me, she crossed upwind in front of me going to the bottom after I used the grunt tube to try and get the buck to change direction. It seemed as if she was very interested in the grunt and investigating it, the buck wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. He ultimately followed her path reluctantly and I double lunged him 15 yards away. Clear pass through, no blood at shot sight, only fur and I couldn’t find arrow. Went about 40 yards. I don’t think I would’ve gotten a shot without using that grunt tube, which I very rarely use. I also used it on the way in to mimic a buck thrashing through the woods and I had 2 bucks come investigate in the dark. Had I not done that I would’ve never made it to this spot because of the wind, without blowing a ton of deer out. Shot around 8,8:15 November 8. Not the biggest rack but plenty of meat and man that was an exhilarating hunt!




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After GRINDING out 70+ hours since Halloween and having several close encounters, one with this buck yesterday, I decided he would make me happy after a frustrating week/season. I've seen 17 bucks in the last 10 days from the stand, the majority being 1.5 yr olds. I've had several days of our big shooter bucks walking past me in the dark, when I couldn't see my pins, to a great buck giving me a 50 yds shot which I elected to not shoot that far. It's been a rollercoaster of emotions all season. It ended this AM when 15 minutes after light this buck came out of bedding 25 yds below me. He worked straight up to under my stand, and stared at me 3 different times. It was so still and quiet there was no way I could get away with any movement or sound as he approached. The third time he got squirrelly and bounded twice and stopped, I took that opportunity to draw in case he hesitated again. We'll, he did, at 25 yds and I put one through both lungs. He ran 30-40 yds up the hill, stopped and tipped over. I've seen this buck 3 times since Halloween, he's not the biggest around by any means but I'm very glad I got the opportunity and executed a perfect shot on him. IMG_20221109_090710_062.jpgIMG_20221109_090710_458.jpgIMG_20221109_072657423_HDR.jpg

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