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Gun Sales At US Stores Could Soon Be Tracked As Visa, Mastercard And American Express Plan To Adopt New ID Code

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The article states “Payment processors have agreed to adopt a merchant code approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for identifying arms purchases, Reuters reported.”

I wonder what other purchases you make that he credit card companies will be tracking next? 


The National Rifle Association is opposed.  Read on:



Then again, the anti-gun supporters like this because it will track all the necessary information to track who, where and what kind of firearm was sold.  Sounds like gun registration.  The ignorance of these people is astounding.  When the last time an illegal firearm was purchased using a credit card or a firearm thief left their credit card number?  Read on:


The article states “According to The Associated Press, the payment processors announced the change on Saturday, after the International Organization for Standardization, a Geneva-based nonprofit, approved the creation of a merchant code for gun retailers.”

Would that be Geneva, Switzerland?  Is this part of the new world order to disarm us?

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The lunacy continues:


“Algorithms” she says?  What about cash sales?  What about stolen firearms free of charge?  What about black market sales where credit cards are not accepted?


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Visa opposed this in an open letter to the gov. Saying it wasn’t moral for them to report on people buying legal  items . A short time later they caved for for some reason .

The way it’s written and comments by supporters and members of the gov. make it clear this is just a begging step using cash won’t soon matter.

Stores here are recording the  name , address , occupation, of ammo buyers, now along with caliber , lot number, amount , manufacture, cash or CC doesn’t matter .  

These are simply begging steps , oh and I’ve been against the move to cashless for some time . 

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Anyone with a functioning intellect knows all these stupid gun control schemes have no efect on violent crime using a firearm.

Strange how the Obama Adminsttration allowed unqulaified non-US citizen to aquire fiearms without credit cards, background checks, training classes, silly signs and all the other "gun safety" nonsense.  Oh, I am refering to "FAST AND FURIOUS" where one of the firearms "aquired" by Mexican criminals was used to murder a Boarder Patrol Agent.  Must be noce to have dementia.

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