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Here is where to get Safe Act info

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I'm putting this in chit chat for most exposure. Many here have questions but are having trouble finding where to get answers, and somethings can't be answered but here's a start. New York State rifle and pistol assc. NYS gun forum, go to firearms in the news, and Law and politics .

Many attorney's post there including 2 who are involved in the law suits.

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i'm sure many will get right on that.




LOL ... Took the words right out my mouth !!!

                    ... " An eye for a eye ,, A tooth for a tooth "...

I vote to preserve the right to bear arms.

I don't fear the average person having a firearm and not needing it... I have fear for the average person, that doesn't have a firearm when they need it the most.



                                     ****** GET ER DONE *******

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If you follow their list of prompts for a .22 semi-auto that has a 10-round detachable mag on a thumb-hole or telescoping stock, it is an assault weapon.


Hunting rifles not affected -- if you believe that, I can sell you a bridge in Brooklyn.


At least so, far I am legal and don't have to register anything.


If they start making bolt-action or lever-action that have a 10 round mag on one those competition thumb-hole stocks, or telescoping stocks be classified as an assault weapon, I bet more gun owners/hunters would take notice.


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