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Live From The Woods 2022 - 2023 Edition!


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2 hours ago, Lawdwaz said:

I hunted this morning but came home this afternoon.  I don't have any interest in messing with a deer in these temps.

That's my problem.especially when I've had other things going on this weekend.its not like I can let one hang for the next 1-3 days,which is really screwing up my hunting time

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Headed out to still hunt/ scout to hang cameras.  My gun spot is picking up with deer now.  Woke up to a decent 7pt on camera.  I will hunt this spot during bow but not until the end of October. Just one of those spots hunt 2 or 3 times a year anymore than that and it’s too much pressure on them. 



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I figured it was kill or miss probably not wounding a Turkey but maybe I’m wrong ?

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Single bevel or not it wouldn't matter. In reality with a turkey it's good to have massive cut diameter. Vitals are the size of a softball to coonect with and its a good thing to have the arrow still in it. You can wound a bird and it'll fly and glide away. Even a good shot sometimes despite running more common. Sucks tracking them
You want a flop around dead right there or pin them down with arrow in ground situation.

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Close, but no cigar.  I was looking for a solid fork horn, to try out the 30/30 on a deer.  I just passed a legal spike that looked like he had about 4” of horn on one side and 3-1/2” on the other.  He stood broadside at 30 yards for a few minutes.  

The wind was wrong to try sneaking around the back of the little meadow where I stumbled into a big herd of deer Friday morning,  So I tried an hour before sunrise, slow, frontal approach.  

I could hear a deer moving in the dark, on my way in, in the same place where one busted me Friday.  I got to within 50 yards of it, from downwind, but I had to cross about 10 yards of crunchy leaves to get where I wanted to go (between the mower and the forks) with my chair.

The deer (sounded like a single), snorted and bolted over the ridge on my first crunchy step into the leaves.  

I put my chair down where I wanted it and waited for a straggler.  Right at sunrise, I heard a deer approaching thru the thicket, between the meadow and the driveway. Spikey stepped out at 7:30, offering up a clear broadside shot.  

I set down my gun and reached for my phone, which caused him to turn tail and run.  See ya next year buddy.



That is his tail, in the edge of the cover, just to the right of the tree.

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