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2014 HuntingNY Spring Turkey Classic

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Here are the results! Its a good one this year as alloutdoors and mookyj tied for first based on points. Tie breaker is longest beard, so here it is:

Son of a!!!!!! 2 10" beards entered!!!! Now we go to longest spur.....

1st Place goes to alloutdoors with that 1 3/8 spur!

2nd Place goes to mookyj

3rd Place goes to GR8WhiteHunter

First bird entered was verminater71

Longest beard will be a split between alloutdoors and mookyj

Longest spur was alloutdoors

Congrats to all the winners and congrats to everyone that participated and took birds this year! Prize winners, please PM your addresses to me and burmjohn so we can box up and send out your goodies!

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Super contest this year. Real cliff hanger right down to the last. Congrats to all the winners, as well as everyone that participated in turkey hunting in general. I really enjoyed all the action throughout the season. I prize the stories, as well as the birds. You all have something to be proud of!

A special Thank You to WNY BuckHunter for his time spent, running another excellent contest this year. Hats off to you sir!

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Thanks to everyone for a fun and friendly contest,and a big thanks to WNY and Burma  for their efforts to make it happen. Having run different turkey contests over the years  I know first hand the amount of work involved. Surprising the number of good birds tagged with the challenges we had this spring!

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Congrats to all who got a bird! Thanks to WNY for putting this contest together again!

I did not score this spring but I got something better... my son is hooked!! Hoping that next year I will get more chances to get out with my son. Looking forward to Oct 1st.

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