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What's for dinner tonight?


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9 hours ago, johnplav said:

We messed around tonight and made a small batch of venison blueberry maple sausage… it was pretty damn good when we tested it. I have a feeling we might be making a bunch soon. 




Looks great.  I made some of that a couple years ago and it was pretty tasty.  

This year I am making a moonshine sausage it's called.  A lot like the maple blueberry but with some dried cranberries etc. 

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17 minutes ago, corydd7 said:

Halibut and swordfish cooked with a sous vide at 130 for 35 minutes, finished on a stove top. Swordfish sucks I give up on it, however the Halibut was amazing. Boiled potatoes from the garden were great.


The best swordfish dish there is:


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Couldn’t wait to try my yellow tomatoes from the garden so I made this


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I’d like that twice if I could!! Can’t wait for my tomatoes and tomato sammies!!

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52 minutes ago, corydd7 said:

Thanks for the idea! I dont like rice so we threw some ramen noodles as a substitute. So good.


The recipe I followed actually had Ramen Noodles in it . I just didn't use them. I added a bunch of different veggies and some sweet and sour sauce that are not in this recipe . Good way to use up the overload of veggies in the fridge. And its delicious ! 


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