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Hello, and glad to be a member of HuntingNY.com.


I wanted to send a note to let people know that Charles Alsheimer will be in Eden, NY on Saturday, September 13th to give a presentation on whitetail deer biology, alunar nalysis of the rut, wildlife photography and Charles’ personal story of faith.  As you may already know, Charlie is a nationally known whitetail deer expert, hunter, photographer and speaker (http://charliealsheimer.com). It will be a great show and there will be lots of door prize and Chinese auction give-aways, right now at almost $4,000 in outdoor related prizes.  More details below: 


"An Evening with Charles Alsheimer"

“Whitetails: A Photographic Journey Through the Seasons”, including Charlie’s Lunar Rut Research

Sponsored by:

St. Paul's Lutheran Church's


"A community spiritual support center" 


Saturday, September 13th, 2014

Eden Jr./Sr. High School

3150 Schoolview Road

Eden, NY 14057

5:00 PM – 9:00 PM


Door Prize Give-aways: to include: a muzzleloader, a Mathews bow, as well as many other prizes

Large Chinese Auction: Currently almost $4,000 in prizes and auction give-aways!  The more tickets that sell, the more we buy to give away!



Show only: $10.00 per person

Show plus full meal: $16.00 per person (limit of 250 people, pre-sale only)

Meal includes: roasted quarter chicken, pulled pork sandwich, various side dishes, beverage, dessert


Come talk to our Pros: between 5:00 – 6:45 PM, there will be a number of outdoor Pros assembled to talk with you prior to the show about their area of expertise.


Food Donation: We will also be collecting food for the Eden / North Collins Food Pantry – please bring a non-perishable food donation to help support the pantry.


Tickets for sale at:  Go to www.EdenDeerShow.com for more information and to purchase tickets, or contact Kevin at (716) 361-7458.  Pre-sale tickets recommended.


Attached is a flyer for more information.  Please help spread the word for this great show and new community center as well, thank you!


Alsheimer Show Flyer, Final.pdf

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I have been to 3 of his shows over the years.Mr. Alsheimer is a top rate hunter,photographer and speaker and I own and have read and re-read everyone of his books as they are some of my favorites,but I have a small problem with his shows.The first show was really great,he had a ton of great photos and info.Then the last 2 shows were sort of a disappointment.He had a ton of his photos and a short blip about deer hunting(maybe 15-20 mins) but then his effort changed to talking about the lord and how you should allow him into your life.Now just to let you know I believe in God and I am a member of my church,he is in my life and I have no issue with someone trying to show others the good things he does,but luring in someone to a "deer hunting seminar" talking for a short while about deer hunting then switching it over and talk about God for the majority of the show doesn't sit well with me.I am all for him letting people know about God and even talking about it but close to a thousand people showed to the last one I was at and the majority of them were pretty displeased,in fact quite a few got up and left.I am not writing this to upset anyone,I am not writing this to get a fight started,I am simply writing this because I said to myself I will never step foot inside one of his shows again because it seemed to me they did a bait and switch and were really forcing the issue down your throat about Gods word.Take it for what its worth,his shows are worth the price of admission just to see his photography work alone,but be ready for what I talked about.Sorry if aI offended anyone because that was not my intention.

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Hi Machinist, thanks for the feedback and I'd like to clarify a couple things for others reading the posts.


Yes, there is a portion of the show that relates to Charles' faith but that is not intended to push religion on people or force anything down people's throats.  I am sorry if you felt that way.  I have attended his shows in the past (and the main driver behind me helping organize the upcoming show in Eden this September, as it is a great time).  My experience was that there was well over an hour of material with pictures, discussion of the rut and the deer's biology, and the last 15-20 minutes were a message of thanks to those who served in the military and then Charles' message on his faith at the end.  By far, most of the show was deer related and everyone left the show very happy and interested in seeing his show again.


I respect your thoughts and opinion and hope you give the show another chance.  For others out there who have not seen him, it is a memorable show, with lots to observe and learn.  Anyone that I have spoken with so far about the show that has seen Charles before is signed up to see him again - for some this will be their 4th or 5th show, as they feel it is that good.


The intent here is to get as many people as possible together for an enjoyable evening and mix with other people having similar interests.  There will be a number of organizations, clubs, and businesses to talk to prior to the show.  Also, there are many give-aways planned, with the top door prizes being a Mathews bow and a muzzleloader, among other door prizes and Chinese auction.  So far, almost $4,000 in give-aways planned and more to come as tickets continue to sell.


Can I ask where the show was that you most recently saw and indicated that some people left early?




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I went to one of Charlies sermons seminars ("Whitetail: Journey Through the Seasons") that was held somewhere in Rochester a few years ago. It was pretty heavy on religion, so if that bothers anyone, you might want to take it into consideration. 


I attended another seminar (Same one, "Whitetail: Journey Through the Seasons", but didn't know it would be the same one) ~5 years ago. He was more than happy to sign pictures and books for those that purchased before the seminar. After he gave his seminar , he said that he would accept "Two and only two questions." Of course, there were a lot of guys that had questions and wanted to know Charlies thoughts. After he gave very brief answers to the 2 questions, he darted back out to the display tables to sell more of his goodies. There was no time limit on the facility, so I don't know what his rush was all about. I think guys would have gotten more out of it if he had just skipped his formal seminar and just had a Q&A session with Charlie to get his thoughts on things. 


Can't say that I would attend another one. Actually, he was speaking locally (~5 miles away) last year, but I had no desire to go again.

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The man's knowledge of deer behavior is unparralelled.  I have seen him 4 times (and going to this one) and learn something new every time.  He has always been approachable and gives me time when I strike up a conversation.  He does give a testimony, his story of how he came to faith but it seems trivial to get hung up on that (especially when it's sponsored by a church - nothing hidden) when there is a long night of deer talk, photogrophy and chances to win a lot of hunting gear.  I have used his knowledge in my own hunting.  Made my own rub lines, scrapes.. etc. and it has paid off.  Take it for what it is, a night of talking and learning about deer.  That's good enough for me.

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I am open - to hear him speaking about deer.

I am not open to paying for a deer seminar and having a sermon break out and dominate the program.

It sounds like that is what is happening.

Paying for a seminar ? Any of the talks I had gone to charged $10 or less for a meal and a chance to win a door prize . Almost every time one of the places that does bratwurst . salami , pepperoni , etc ... would have samples that you could fill up on . He spends maybe 5 minutes talking about faith . If 5 minutes of listening to someone discuss his Christian faith then by all means don't attend the "expensive" seminar ! Good grief !!!


I almost forgot to mention that the Sportsmans dinner / seminars are done by churches . I have never seen any done by gun clubs , etc ..

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No offense fasteddie,he spent at least half the time on the podium speaking about "faith".I don't mind but it felt like to me(and almost everyone else that I talked to at the last 2 showings)that we were duped into listening to a sermon.I think he is a deer master and could talk to me anytime about god and I would listen,but keep it at a minimum and tell everyone at the end to look him or his local church to continue the process.

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I over reacted .............. anyway , since the church groups seem to be the only ones that sponsor any of the seminars , I don't mind the speakers giving a bit of a religious talk . I have gone to seminars with Bob Bernier , Bob Foulkrod and a guy that was into Moose / Elk hunting . Charlie is the best . By the way , I got a real nice cooler at the last dinner / seminar I attended .

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I have seen Charles Alsheimer on three occasions and thoroughly enjoyed myself. There's a bit of a religious theme behind his talks but the deer information far out-weighs any religious overtones. The deer knowledge is second to none and I highly recommend this seminar to every deer/bow hunter in NY. I was a novice bow hunter until I saw Charlie for the first time and purchased his book, "Hunting Whitetails by the Moon". This was a great read and greatly explained what I was seeing in the woods every fall but didn't understand why. I now read this same book every September to get the juices flowing and I've killed several archery bucks utilizing the tactics learned.  You won't be disappointed!!!!!



P.S. - Is deer hunting and religion a bad thing??

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Lots of good discussion and appreciate everyone's feedback and thoughts.  A couple things I want to highlight are that the show in Eden will be a little different than other shows.  We are looking to give away a number of door prizes, including both a Mathews Drenalin bow and a muzzleloader, along with many other door prizes.  In addition, there will be a separate Chinese auction for many more outdoor related items and gear to hand out (hunting clothes, bow sights, arrow rests, knives, scent blockers, turkey calls, 125th anniversary edition Daisy BB gun, hats, shirts, gift certificates, and more - right now almost $4,000 in stuff to hand out and planning for more).  The more tickets that sell soon enough in the process, the more equipment we will buy to give away.  Similar to some other shows, we'll also have a number of organizations, clubs, and individuals to talk to during the dinner period before the show - lots of people to get to know and learn from.


We are also doing the food a little different as well.  While there will be some things for everyone to pick at, for an extra $6.00, a full meal will be provided, included a roasted quarter chicken, a pulled pork sandwich, various side dishes, etc.  A lot of food for a small price, and prepared by a local, family run catering business in Eden.  Lastly, there is a food collection for the Eden - North Collins food pantry to capitalize on a large group of giving individuals to those who are in need of help. All this to help benefit St. Paul's upcoming community outreach and support center in town, lots of good reasons to support the show and come have a good time.


So, all talk of religion aside, the consensus is that Charlie knows what he's talking about when it comes to whitetail deer, and there are new things that people can pick up even after seeing the show more than once.  My personal experience at prior shows is that the talk of Charlie's faith is limited to the very end (and a very interesting perspective to listen to), with the majority of the show focused on deer.  If your experience has been different, I respect your opinions and comments.  For those who would like to check it out, I am excited to welcome you to the show and am confident you will learn valuable information about whitetails, as well as the opportunity to fill up on a great meal and a chance to walk out with some great hunting related prizes and give-aways as well.


Tickets on sale now at www.EdenDeerShow.com and please help spread the word to others that you feel would like to attend.





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CabinFever, nyslowhand - thanks for the feedback on the give-aways, and agree that we're looking to hand out lots of things to the guests attending the show, and give many different reasons for people to come to the show.  For $10 (show only) / $16 (show plus the full meal), this is a great value and opportunity to walk out with some hunting gear as well as help support the community outreach and support center in town.


Understand that you may not be up for the show itself and I urge others who have not seen the show to come and check it out for themselves.  Lots of great deer knowledge and information that will help come hunting season this fall.  I have spoken with many people who are signed up to attend for their 3rd and 4th time, and learn something new each time.


Tickets on sale now at: www.EdenDeerShow.com.  Please also help spread the word, the more tickets that sell early enough, the more stuff we will buy to give away and include in the auction.


Thank you.



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Oh man, just looked at this thread and it turned out to be so interesting!  So he tells everyone it's a seminar about deer and then he starts talking about God??  Like others have said, I have nothing against religion, but why does he feel the need to bring God up at a deer seminar??  Just NOT right.  Would we like it if we were invited to some other unrelated event, and then it turned into an anti-gun or anti-hunting monologue??  No freaking way.  I'd put him in the same category as those people who feel the need to yell at the top of their lungs on streets, subways and other public places that Jesus is their lord and savior and that everyone needs to follow him to be saved from the devil.  These people may love Jesus, but have mental issues as well.



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