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Hunting Dogs

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I love hunting over dogs. Ever since i got to watch them work Rabbits and do just what they're trained to do. It was an amazing warm feeling. I rescued a beagle named Toby last winter and we got out once, he was not scared of brush and put his nose right into them as he followed the others. No rabbits that day but he seemed to be doing what he should be. Hoping to get him out this weekend or next. 

I also have a good friend who lives in VA, I made him some Tungsten deer loads to try this year. Well they worked phenomenal .. and wants me to come down next year for a weekend of pushes. Sounds like a lot of fun..  

There's real joy watching a dog work the woods with its nose.. 

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I get asked quite a bit about books that give good information  on how to go about training hunting dogs. For me there is no question that John Wick's two volume set "Walk With Wick" have helped me more than any others. While these books are geared toward tree dogs much of the stuff will translate over to other hunting dog breeds. These books are kind of hard to come by these days but if you are a dog person that hunts the info gleaned for these books is invaluable.



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Best briar bibs and jacket I ever owned were my Wicks. Basically lived in them all rabbit season when I was running my beagles. Still have them somewhere in a box out in the garage. Any chance he's connected to the makers of that line? 

If I remember right they went out of business, and when my Wicks finally did get too beat up, my wife ordered for Christmas a similar set from a company I think is called Mule. Those are also out in the garage because I never got to use them.

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