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Self Filmed Hunt Video - NY Mountains


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2 hours ago, airedale said:

My favorite is your little video hunt with the Savage 99 and dressed up in the Woolrich PA tux.


Thanks so much that was fun to do. One of my most popular video was the one I did of my dad’s BLR and I carried around an old deer head with my GoPro on its head.  I guess maybe I had too much time on my hands lol Thanks for watching and commenting!

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10 hours ago, Lucky118 said:

Nice! Hunt in 4o, looks just like that. Usually  take 2 weeks off to hunt and after a day's walk in the those mountains I feel like a train hit me.

I have never been to 4O but yes we know the feeling lol. Good exercise for sure!!

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I also have a hunting channel (https://www.youtube.com/@HuntClubwithPhillipCulpepper) where I share my hunting experiences. Video editing is crucial for me to highlight the best moments of the hunt. I use Movavi, which is like Final Cut for Windows, and it really helps enhance the quality of my videos, making the storytelling more impactful.


Good editing can transform a hunt video, making every moment count. Movavi has been great for that, providing the tools I need to edit effectively. 

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